Amazing Car Facts About The Future Of Self Driving or Autonomous Cars

If you think self driving cars were only in the Jetsons cartoons or some science fiction movie like Minority Report then you are surely going to be surprised. Autonomous or self-driving cars are the next wave in automotive engineering and concept that are on the drawing board and coming into testing.

The Jetsons Automobile of the future robotic cars

Soon after will come all of the years of legal and safety challenges. However at the rate that technology is evolving you can plan on seeing these tests begin in the very near and not so distant future. In fact Google self-driving cars are planned to hit California roads this summer. Elon Musk says that Self-Driving Tesla Cars will be in the U.S. By Summer 2015.

basic Autonomous car Computer system

Check out what The Oatmeal has to say about the “6 things I learned from riding in a Google Self-driving car.Continue reading

Interesting Car Facts

Knowing a few interesting car facts might not be as useful as knowing the advantages of a car cover or how to change a tire, but it is definitely more fun. Here are three interesting car facts that you can share with friends and family! They are sure to be impressed and entertained.

  1. You will spend 300 hours of your life sitting at a red light! Sitting at a red light

In a lifetime, the average person spends approximately 300 hours waiting for stoplights to turn green. So, if you feel like those 30 seconds are lasting a ridiculously long time, you are absolutely right. The craziest part is that 300 hours is approximately two weeks!

  1. For only $2,000,000 you could own the most expensive car in the world!

In 2010, the most expensive car was the Koenigsegg Trevita. A Trevita is valued at $2.21 million! As a limited edition supercar, it has a 1018 horsepower engine. For good reason, only three have been produced.

These cars are expensive modern production cars but they are not the most expensive cars ever sold. Check out the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO it sold at auction for $34.65 Million dollars. Also famous fashion designer Ralph Lauren has a limited edition Bugatti worth over $40 Million dollars. Read about this and other awesome car collections here.

  1. Leonardo da Vinci invented the car!

Well, almost. Around 1478, Leonardo da Vinci designed a self-propelled vehicle. Researchers are still unsure as to whether he ever developed a prototype, but many agree that his drawings were the first conception of the automobile. Poor Leo did all of the work and received none of the glory.

Here are some great facts that we didn’t know until we uncovered them ..

Fact Slides has 27 interesting car facts that are just awesome.

Aston Martin was owned by for from 1994 – 2007 here are some pretty amazing car history facts

Here are some pretty sporadic and definitely strange car facts.

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How to Give Your Car A Facelift And Avoid The High Costs Of The Auto Body Shop

Automotive Cosmetic Surgery

Is your car getting old? Do you feel like you are not the only one that notices? Give your car a facelift! There are three quick, simple and effective things you can do to make your vehicle look like it did the day you bought it. These tips will change the way you, and your friends, look at your vehicle!

1. Wax your car.

Chances are you have never waxed your car before. It is probably because you are not sure how to properly wax a vehicle or you think it will take a long time to properly wax a vehicle. In reality, waxing a vehicle is fairly quick and easy. The best part is the return on investment! If you are able to properly wax your vehicle, the exterior will shine like it did the day you bought it.

2. Remove paint residue.

Has someone scraped the side of your vehicle? Have you scraped the side of another vehicle? Regardless of fault, if there is paint residue on your vehicle, now is the time to remove it. Fortunately, you do not have to take your vehicle to a professional to have the paint residue removed. You can quite easily do it yourself! The result is the perfect exterior.

3. Vacuum the interior.

It might sound simple, but when was the last time you truly vacuumed the interior of your vehicle? Vacuuming can give a whole new life to your interior. Your seats and carpets will look, and smell, better than they have in years!

Still looking for ways to give your car a facelift and keep it looking like new? Check out these tips to help prolong the life of your car’s exterior finish.

If you need the right type of microfiber cleaning products we have a great selection to choose from. Choose from our list of microfiber accessories our Platinum Microfiber Dusting Kit, or our 24 Pack of Microfiber Dusting Cloths, or choose from any of our other accessory products.

How Natural Damage Hurts Your Vehicles Exterior

Nature does a number on your vehicle each and every day. Whether you notice the damage
now or in the next few years, it is impossible to deny the attack nature has launched on your vehicle. The first step in preventing natural damage is identifying how natural damage hurts your vehicle. Here are two major ways natural damage hurts your vehicle.

  1. Falling Objects

Specimen_Tree_Removal_Page Obviously, falling objects are a danger to your vehicle. If you are parked under a tree and a small branch lands on your vehicle, it could break your windshield or dent your roof. Smaller, seemingly less threatening, falling objects frequently fall on your vehicle as well. Leaves, for example, can fall on your vehicle and clog the well below your windshield wipers. This can be a very expensive repair.

  1. Animal Droppings

bird droppings on car It may not seem like a big deal, but when an animal leaves its droppings on your vehicle, serious natural damage can result. If left untreated for even a small period of time, animal droppings can damage your paint. It is often impossible to reverse these paint damages without spending the money to have them professionally treated.


  1. Dust, Dirt and Debris

construction job site dust and dirt Even though you are careful with your car dust and dirt are an inevitable part of life for your car’s finish. Those lesser seen, seldom thought about things that your car is exposed to can be dangerous to your vehicle. Smog, dust from a near by construction site, even the winds as they carry dust from place to place seems to drop small particulate onto your car. These particles are abrasive and can be one of the biggest threats to your car.

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to prevent natural damage from hurting your vehicle is to invest in a car cover. A car cover will keep falling objects and animal droppings from scratching your paint and damaging your exterior. Investing now will save you trouble in the future!

How Sun Damage Hurts Your Car’s Interior And Exterior

Who doesn’t love a beautiful, sunny day? Your vehicle, for one. The sun can cause serious damage to your vehicle’s exterior and interior. The first step in preventing sun damage is identifying how sun damage hurts. Here are two major ways sun damage hurts your vehicle.

  1. Discoloration

sun damaged car interior The sun’s rays will damage the interior of your vehicle over the years. Although the damage may not be immediately apparent, in the future, you will wish you had taken the necessary steps to prevent sun damage. If the sun is constantly shining on your vehicle, it is also constantly shining into your vehicle. This, of course, will cause your interior to discolour and fade. Your dashboard, seats and more will suffer.

  1. Peeling Paint

Sun damaged pain on the exterior of a car Heat from the sun will eventually cause your vehicle’s paint to peel. If you do not have a covered parking space at home and work, your vehicle’s paint is at risk. Unfortunately, paint repairs are often costly and time-consuming. Taking the steps to prevent the sun from damaging your car now will save you time and money in the future.

One of the easiest and most affordable ways to prevent sun damage from hurting your vehicle is to invest in a car cover. A car cover will keep the sun from discolouring your interior and peeling your paint. Investing now will save you trouble in the future!

Cars Covered With White Powder At Local NY Fueling Station

Imagine waiting to get to the front of the fuel line and start filling up your car’s fuel tank. Your gasoline is pumping into the tank when suddenly a plume of white powder shoots down and covers your entire vehicle.

This is exactly what happened to several people at a Syracuse, NY gas station. There were reports of vehicle damage ranging from minor cleaning to paint & electrical damage to a couple of vehicles.

The cause for the eruption was a malfunction in the fueling stations fire extinguishing system. Some customers are seeking legal council to get their cars repaired.

Check out the video coverage from one of the victimized vehicles covered in sodium bicarbonate (the main ingredient in this extinguishing system…) see the full write up here.

Three Ways to Protect Your Car’s Exterior

Protecting your car’s exterior should be an important part of your car’s maintenance schedule. Fortunately, if you haven’t already introduced this step to your maintenance routine, it’s easy to do so. We have three simple, inexpensive and effective ways to get you started.

  1. Covered Parking

covered car parkingFinding covered parking space is vital to protecting your car. Covered parking blocks dangerous weather, falling objects and the sun. If a personal garage or other form of covered parking isn’t an option, you can still make a car friendly choice. Ensure you are parking away from trees and shrubbery when not parking in a covered space. If possible, the area should be shaded to protect from discoloration.

    1. Car Cover

One of the best ways to protect your car’s exterior is to simply buy a cover. Car covers are important, even for those with covered parking. Fortunately, car covers are inexpensive and portable. They are a common and efficient way to protect your exterior from scratches, discoloration and more!

  1. Regular Wash

Need to wash yuor car wash your car like a pro It seems simple enough, but regularly washing your car is often overlooked. A quick wash will keep your car looking new and help protect it from harm. Of course, the best option is a professional car wash service. At home washes can often be just as effective though. Ensure you are using a car wash solution instead of a household cleaning solution. This will give your car added protection!

1800BHP Of Pure Madness

Whew those Swedish automotive engineers have out done themselves. A purely beautiful design, practically an unbeatable machine says Christian Koenigsegg of the like names car manufacturer.

 The Regera is rear wheel drive only, so 0-62mph takes a relatively tardy 2.7 seconds. “We can’t go any faster than that because of traction,” Christian says. 0-186mph takes 12 seconds flat, while 0-250mph takes under 20 seconds. It’ll go from 93mph to 155mph in just 3.2 seconds, and top out at 255mph. Let those numbers swirl around your head for a moment.

Because it’s a petrol-electric hybrid, you can travel up to around 18 miles on pure electric power alone, but we suspect with a twin-turbo 5.0-litre V8 on board, you’ll likely want to utilise everything. In total, Koenigsegg reckons on an output somewhere close to 1800bhp and 1475lb ft of torque.

See the full write up on

See a Porsche 918 chasing a Koenigsegg Agera R on the German Autobahn


Do you know why Koenigsegg is awesome. Listen to Mr. supercar himself Mr. Christen von Koenigsegg…

How To Wax Your Car Properly

Waxing your car may sound like a daunting task, but it’s an important part of any exterior maintenance routine. Not only will it reduce the visibility of scratches and other damages, but it will help slow the corrosion process as well. If you don’t know how to wax your car, we have step-by-step instructions to help you!

What will I need?

  • Quality car wax
  • A soft sponge
  • A soft cloth
  • A clean, dry car

Okay, I’m ready!

    1. wax applicating spongLiquid wax requires that you shake the bottle before use. Apply wax to the sponge and spread it on a single section of the car. It is usually best to start at the top of the car.
    2. car wax to polish vehicleYou should now have an even layer of wax on one section of the car. Avoid applying the wax to surfaces such as window trim. The wax will leave a small white stain if applied to this type of surface.
    3. soft wax polishing clothWait a couple minutes for the wax to haze before buffing it with the cloth. When buffing, remember to rotate the cloth often. You want to ensure you are always buffing with a clean part of the cloth.
    4. clean dry carRepeat the steps above until your entire car is waxed. Clean the wax from unpainted surfaces with window spray cleaner or a similar solution.
    5. Repeat the steps above every three to four months. Remember, wax does not last forever. Eventually, your car will lose its shine and require another application of wax.

If your not into all of the hand waxing you can step up your game and use an electric buffer to apply and remove the car wax too. These machines will bring out the shine and high gloss finish on your vehicle. Giving you the professional advantage over your neighbor. Just be sure to use caution so you don’t burn the finish on your vehicle.

On another note after waxing your vehicle be sure to wait approximately one week before you use your car cover to allow enough time for your fresh coat of wax to cure completely.