Announces Their 2015-2016 Fall Scholarship Recipient For The “How To Make Your Car Last Forever” Essay Contest

winner-blogIt’s so hard to believe that the New Year is already here and in full swing. January is soon coming to a close and with that being said it’s time to announce our new 2015-2016 $1,000 scholarship essay winner.

Vizion Bryan L. Jones is our 2nd annual winner in our “How To Make Your Car Last Forever Essay Contest.” His writing style caught the attention of CEO immediately. The words relate directly to a driver or car buffs emotions and sensations of sitting behind the wheel of an amazing machine.

Having the ability to capture the emotion, while writing it out on paper, and being able to relate to the reader is a great talent. It creates enjoyable reading, a style that grips a readers attention and keeps them reading until the very end. Content publishing for a business is so crucial these days, and finding the right talent is tantamount to that corporations success.  Many corporations have the needs for press relations, social media presence, and a set of talented communicators to get the message out to their audience while captivating them in this world of information and communication relations.

Mr. Jones has set himself as a distinguished author, with a well written essay that is easy and fun to read.

At times they make our hearts throb, other times they cause it to race; we may feel wonderful feelings of nostalgia and for others the feelings may be quite sentimental. Our experiences as human-beings with cars have been inextricably intertwined in our culture and who we grow up to be. For those who see cars as a mere form of transportation –just to get from point A to point B—the feelings of intense attachment to cars may not be as salient, but for those of us who could be considered “car enthusiasts,” we want our cars to last forever! CEO Jonathan V. says “Our scholarship was designed to help those students seeking financial assistance to have fun and be as creative as they wanted to be. Some of the essays made us laugh and all of them definitely gave us valuable insight into how the younger generation thinks about cars in general.” Mr. Jones captured our attention right from the beginning. He did a great job presenting his essay’s point of view right from the beginning. congratulates the following 2015 scholarship essay winner:

Vizion Bryan Jones

Institution – Morehouse College, Atlanta, GA.