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2016-2017 “How to Make Your Car Last Forever” Essay Contest Winner

By John Linden January 16, 2017 1621 Views No comments
How to make your car last forever

Congratulations to our 2016-2017 “How to Make Your Car Last Forever” Essay Contest Winner

CarCovers.com Announces Their 2015-2016 Fall Scholarship Recipient For The “How To Make Your Car Last Forever” Essay Contest

By John Linden January 26, 2016 179 Views No comments


It's so hard to believe that the New Year is already here and in full swing. January is soon coming to a close and with that being said it's time to announce our new 2015-2016 $1,000 scholarship essay winner.

Winterizing and Storing Your 5th Wheel, Travel Trailer, RV or Motor-Home

By John Linden October 23, 2015 4264 Views No comments

The travel season is coming to a close, the kids are back in school, moms and dads are all back working forty hours per week or more. Poor weather conditions have started to settle in around the country (unless you live in California where it's in the eighties and nineties in the middle of October.)

Cars Types and Technology of The Future

By John Linden September 11, 2015 1010 Views No comments

The future is here and the future is now. With automotive technology rapidly evolving the automotive manufacturers of today are rapidly finding new and innovative ways to take advantage of the plethora of new and emerging tech options surfacing all around the industry.

The Future Is Here Lexus Unveils New Hoverboard Technology

By John Linden August 7, 2015 393 Views No comments

Do you remember when Marty McFly was running from Biff Tannen to avoid a beating in the movie Back to the Future? Marty grabbed a little girls hover scooter, ripped off the handle bars and started riding a hovering skateboard a.k.a “a Hoverboard. Racing all around the town square dodging his enemies.

Motorcycle Safety Tips For Riders At All Skill Levels

By John Linden July 31, 2015 488 Views No comments

Summertime is here, the snow has melted off of the major highways and populated areas all across the USA. Motorcycle enthusiasts young and old have removed their motorcycles from the long winter's sleep and dusted off the cobwebs, shined up the tank and fairings. They've suited up and are ready to twist on the throttle for the first ride of the season.

The Most Hilarious Motorcycle Ride Ever

By John Linden July 23, 2015 1966 Views No comments


I found this story so amusing and entertaining and I knew I had to share it all with you our loyal readers.

Destination Unknown – The Great Summertime Get Away Hot Spots

By John Linden July 14, 2015 123 Views No comments

The chalks are up and the wheels are rolling. You've checked off your pre-trip checklists and you're heading out to the open road. Putting in the hours and miles to reach your destination and get ready for some summertime fun. The getaway car is in tow, the kids are all nestled in for the journey looking at all of the sights as they pass by.

How To Prepare For Summertime RV'ing Fun

By John Linden July 7, 2015 184 Views No comments

Summer is here, the kids are out of school and it's time for the annual family vacations to begin. I know for my family we love to hang out at the beach and at the lake. Water creates a serene feeling no matter what has been going on in your recent days.

RV Enthusiasts Say School's Out For The Summer & Cruising Time Is Here

By John Linden June 30, 2015 323 Views No comments

The sun is shining bright, the kids are all out on summer break and you've been anxiously waiting for this special time of year when you and the family get to take of on your summer vacation. Lots of planning has gone in to this trip and your destination spots are sure to be a hit, and who knows what adventures will present themselves along the road to summer time paradise.