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October 2013

Check Out The Munsters Coolest Vehicle Ever

By John Linden October 31, 2013 115 Views No comments

When it comes to spooky and creepy these ghoulish monsters take the cake & the children's candy bag too.

We Are Blazing New Trails Down The Digital Highway Once Again

By John Linden October 30, 2013 176 Views No comments

If you have not heard the latest news we are out making waves in the industry once again. That's right CarCovers.com has decided to start offering covers for ATVs, scooters, motorcycles and UTVs.

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It's time To Winterize Your Vehicle - 10 Winterization Tips

By John Linden October 25, 2013 120 Views No comments

It's the season to be jolly and get your car ready for the freezing season. If you are not ready for winter you may experience some unfortunate experiences with your ride this winter. So here are some great winterization tips to keep your car running all winter long.

In The News | Car Owners Rejoice! The Latest CarCovers.com News

By John Linden October 23, 2013 385 Views No comments

Ford Expedition SUV

The presses went live the morning and rapidly spread the news; We are now offering a line of fully custom designed covers to fit your car, truck, van or SUV. With our new product offerings we have widened our selection of available products to serve the most enthusiastic of vehicle owners.

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It's Time To Secure Your Car Cover Investment With A Cable & Lock Set

By John Linden October 18, 2013 2667 Views No comments

You have made the smart choice to invest in your automobile's future. You have kept her detailed and now you have purchased a car cover. It's sad but true that there are car cover thieves out there.

Car Cover Review From A Proud Prius Owner

By John Linden October 11, 2013 261 Views No comments

When it comes to protecting your hybrid you have a couple of choices. The best way to help keep your car looking new is to keep the paint protected with some simple preventative maintenance steps. By simply keeping your new dual fuel or all electric vehicle washed, waxed and using a high quality car cover you can keep your commuter looking new for years to come.

The All New Black Satin Stretch Cover Sleek & Sexy

By John Linden October 4, 2013 917 Views No comments

If you are a car fanatic and you want your Sunday driver looking fresh, fancy and ready for the road then this all new black satin stretch cover may be just what you need. This black satin stretch car cover is a great indoor protective dust cover created to mimic a fully customized cover without the cost.

Keep Your Cover Securely On Your Vehicle With Our Gust Strap Wind Protector For Your Car

By John Linden October 4, 2013 495 Views 1 comment

Winter is here and those strong winter winds are well underway. It's time to start planning on how you will keep your car cover secured on your vehicle in these types of windy conditions.