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November 2013

European Style Lowered Audi All Show With Lots Of Go

By John Linden November 29, 2013 510 Views No comments

This is a great looking Audi. I know I would love to be seen in this ride. Clean European lines, power and great looking aftermarket body kit make this a definite crowd favorite.

Check Out This Show Stopping Ford Mustang While It's Under Wraps

By John Linden November 22, 2013 243 Views No comments

An auto show is one of the few places that you can actually get a headache from all of the glitz, chrome and bright shiny colors. We saw this beauty we knew she had to be on our wall of fame. If you are a serious race fan then you know this pony is anything but stock.

Check Out This Amazing Blown Chevrolet Camaro

By John Linden November 15, 2013 1164 Views No comments

Nothing compares to good old fashioned muscle when it comes the classic American muscle cars and trucks from the 50's, 60's and early 70's. What really blows our minds here is when we see new American Muscle with such extreme modifications like this Chevrolet Camaro.

We Hear That A Concept Jaguar SUV May Be In The Works

By John Linden November 8, 2013 169 Views No comments

Is it true? Are the rumors really true? A concept SUV by Jaguar is rumored to be in the works. The all new Jaguar C-X17 may be more than just a concept this late in the game.

Check out These Sleek & Sexy Curves The All New 2014 Lamborghini Veneno

By John Linden November 1, 2013 528 Views No comments

It's like a kid looking at the new PK Ripper, Diamond Back or Mongoose bicycle. the flashy colors, the great lines and of course the brilliance of the showroom lights reflecting off of every area on the exquisite design. Except only now we aren't little boys excited over a brand new toy from the store. No way we have a grown up taste for elegance, power, muscle and the baddest exotics made in the world.