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December 2013

Happy New Year

By John Linden December 31, 2013 145 Views No comments

Happy New Year - champagne, grapes and party decoration It's time again for the New Years resolutions to begin. Our silly traditions here in the good ol' US of A! It's that special time of year where we all take a moment or two to reflect back on the year's past events and we also begin to embrace our hopes and plans for the upcoming year.

A True Purple Passion The Best Looking Chevrolet Camaro

By John Linden December 27, 2013 227 Views No comments

It may look something like a big blue berry, however this awesome Chevrolet Camaro is a show stopper on so many levels. We love classic muscle as much as we love the new sleek and elegant looks of today's modern vehicles.

A True Show Stopping Eye Popping BMW

By John Linden December 20, 2013 479 Views No comments

The all new BMW I8 may be one of the coolest rides to hit the scene. Check out these great pics of the all new concept set for a possible production for year 2015.

You've Got to Love The Benz By The Beach

By John Linden December 13, 2013 150 Views No comments

There is nothing more romantic than a drive down by the beach in your classy Mercedes Benz. We saw this photo and we knew that this was a keeper. It really makes you appreciate life when it is this good.

A Porsche With Attitude Gemballa Avalanche Gtr 650 Evo-R (Porsche 911 Turbo)

By John Linden December 6, 2013 1019 Views No comments

When we first laid eyes on this beauty we weer taken back. It's aggressive stance, sleek and stylish body lines, low profile and tuned exhaust. The Gemballa Avalanche Gtr 650 Evo-R (Porsche 911 Turbo) is a serious machine for any sports car enthusiast.