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January 2014

What Does The Colour Of Your Car Say About You?

By John Linden January 31, 2014 135 Views No comments

Vehicle ownership is something people don't take lightly. You spend months saving up for the down payment, you carefully select the right make and model of vehicle for you to drive. Then it is get's down to the nitty-gritty: the style, the flare, that brilliantly colored vehicle.

Now Serving Auto, Business & Home Cleaning Needs | Microfiber Products

By John Linden January 28, 2014 139 Views No comments

Call Now For Special Pricing On All Of Our High Quality Microfiber Products

You've heard it first we are expanding and to celebrate our growth we want to give you the benefit by offering you some great savings.

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A Flying Car In 2014

By John Linden January 24, 2014 164 Views No comments

Wow the new year and so many open doors already. New technology, initiative, concept designs are starting to come about.

2015 Corvette Z06 and Z07 Performance supercars official - SlashGear

By John Linden January 18, 2014 214 Views No comments

AS we stated the New Year is already full of next year's innovation.

Concept Or Reality You Decide

By John Linden January 17, 2014 157 Views No comments

Can it really be true, a "Real Life Size Lego Car Powered by Air" We could hardly believe our eyes.

The New Year Has Begun & The Next Year Of Automotive Design Is Under Way

By John Linden January 14, 2014 130 Views No comments

It's barley The beginning on 2014 and already the 2015 models are heading into the line up for production and manufacturing... Check out what carbuzz.com has to report. 2014-2015 Year Models

Important Car Maintenance Tips You Should Know

By John Linden January 13, 2014 124 Views No comments

We all know that preventative maintenance is very important for the longevity of our vehicle. So here are some great tips to keep your ride running as good as it looks.

According to bankrate.com these are the top 8 tips you need to know...

Fun For The New Year - Car & Vehicle Win Fail Compilation 2013 & 2014 HD

By John Linden January 10, 2014 82 Views No comments

Car & Vehicle Win Fail Compilation 2013 & 2014 HD

The Most Reliable Cars In 2014

By John Linden January 3, 2014 298 Views No comments

Well it's happened again. Another year has taken it's foothold in time, The news has been leaked out about some of the most reliable cars produced for 2014.

Weatherization Tips For Your Car To Keep It Looking Good & Running Smooth

By John Linden January 2, 2014 466 Views No comments

Weatherize Your Car Today

With the new year well underway and winter in full swing you need to ensure that your ride stays safe, and protected from the harsh winter elements. So we polled a few blogs and gathered what we feel is some of the best weatherization tips around.