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March 2014

A Little Eye Candy For The Weekend Sleek & Sexy

By John Linden March 28, 2014 415 Views No comments

Look at her! Wow what a beauty! She is so delectable, the smooth lines, her shapely figure, her bold attitude and of course that sweet sound as she makes a loud and snappy rumble from the exhaust. (I bet you were thinking something else for just a second.)

Ford Motors Is Going To New Take The All New Ford Mustang To New Heights

By John Linden March 25, 2014 154 Views No comments

As the beautiful "pony car" is so named for it's beauty, stance, power and elegance, Ford Motor Company has decided it's time to make a bold statement for the favorite muscle car among Ford enthusiasts. The all-new 2015 Ford Mustang will Be hoisted atop the Empire State Building in Manhattan, New York to show off it's all-new line up and to celebrate the Mustang's 50th anniversary.

Seven Summertime Auto Myths Debunked - Popular Mechanics

By John Linden March 21, 2014 187 Views No comments

It's time for the summer season is your car ready?

Here are seven summertime myths debunked by Popular Mechanics. car care

Protecting Your Car's Finish

By John Linden March 7, 2014 381 Views No comments

How To Keep Your Vehicle's Finish Safe & Protected

Does anybody out there like their car looking dull, dirty and displeasing to the eye? Then check out this awesome infographic that lays out the major issues today's car finishes face. Auto Detailing & Car Protection Infographic