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June 2015

RV Enthusiasts Say School's Out For The Summer & Cruising Time Is Here

By John Linden June 30, 2015 323 Views No comments

The sun is shining bright, the kids are all out on summer break and you've been anxiously waiting for this special time of year when you and the family get to take of on your summer vacation. Lots of planning has gone in to this trip and your destination spots are sure to be a hit, and who knows what adventures will present themselves along the road to summer time paradise.

Amazing Car Facts About The Future Of Self Driving or Autonomous Cars

By John Linden June 23, 2015 1158 Views No comments

If you think self driving cars were only in the Jetsons cartoons or some science fiction movie like Minority Report then you are surely going to be surprised. Autonomous or self-driving cars are the next wave in automotive engineering and concept that are on the drawing board and coming into testing.

Interesting Car Facts

By John Linden June 16, 2015 995 Views No comments

Knowing a few interesting car facts might not be as useful as knowing the advantages of a car cover or how to change a tire, but it is definitely more fun. Here are three interesting car facts that you can share with friends and family! They are sure to be impressed and entertained.

How to Give Your Car A Facelift And Avoid The High Costs Of The Auto Body Shop

By John Linden June 10, 2015 453 Views No comments

Automotive Cosmetic Surgery

Is your car getting old? Do you feel like you are not the only one that notices? Give your car a facelift! There are three quick, simple and effective things you can do to make your vehicle look like it did the day you bought it. These tips will change the way you, and your friends, look at your vehicle!

How Natural Damage Hurts Your Vehicles Exterior

By John Linden June 2, 2015 175 Views No comments

Nature does a number on your vehicle each and every day. Whether you notice the damage now or in the next few years, it is impossible to deny the attack nature has launched on your vehicle. The first step in preventing natural damage is identifying how natural damage hurts your vehicle. Here are two major ways natural damage hurts your vehicle.