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How To Make Your Car Last Forever – Scholarship Essay Contest

By John Linden May 23, 2014 410 Views No comments

CarCovers.com has launched a college scholarship program aimed to help one lucky student with a little extra cash for the upcoming school year.

With more and more of the student body being affected by the rising costs of tuition for college and getting discouraged from continuing education;

10 Weird and Wonderful Car Museums - Popular Mechanics

By John Linden April 4, 2014 1688 Views No comments

It's Friday and the weather has been weird around here, so in keeping with the weirdness of the week we decided to look up some of the weirdest automotive news we could find on the rainy, and dreary day.

2015 Corvette Z06 and Z07 Performance supercars official - SlashGear

By John Linden January 18, 2014 247 Views No comments

AS we stated the New Year is already full of next year's innovation.

The Most Reliable Cars In 2014

By John Linden January 3, 2014 404 Views No comments

Well it's happened again. Another year has taken it's foothold in time, The news has been leaked out about some of the most reliable cars produced for 2014.