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Performing Headlight Maintenance on Your Car

Have you changed your vehicle's headlights lately? Doing so is very important, yet many people don't check their headlights until they think one has gone out. Headlight maintenance is often overlooked, even while drivers are checking things like their fluid levels or tire pressure.

However, your headlights are the only thing that really lets you see items on the road at night. If you can't see these items, people, or animals, you can't swerve or slow down, which can lead to injury and damage. With proper maintenance of your headlights, you'll be able to see much more and avoid these hazards. There are four different practices you should follow in order to make certain your headlights are working properly and are well-maintained.

Know the Performance Level of Your Headlights

Did you know that headlines come in various performance levels? There are a number of different choices out there, so you can pick the one that fits your own particular needs. For example, there are some headlights that give off a whiter light to help you see objects that are on the edge of the road. Then there are brighter headlights that increase your road visibility and let you see farther. The first type of light might be good if you drive down roads lined with trees, while the second may be useful on long stretches of straight highway.

Replace Your Headlights at the Same Time

If one headlight burns out, you'll probably be tempted to simply swap it out and go on, but you really need to replace both headlights at the same time. That's because if you don't, you will most likely notice that the new headlight is brighter than the old one. This uneven lighting can make it hard to see and distract you while driving, plus it can distract other drivers, too. Like tires, headlights should be replaced in pairs.

Don't Wait until They Burn Out

Driving with only one headlight can be dangerous since it basically cuts your field of vision in half. That's why many police officers will pull over drivers with a headlight out to make certain the driver knows to replace it as soon as possible. It can also make it harder for other drivers to see the car. If you don't remember when you last replaced your headlights or if you notice that one seems particularly dim, it's time to replace them both before they burn out. Also, be sure to replace burnt out headlights as soon as possible.


Unlike some car maintenance, you can easily change out your own headlights. It's normally fairly easy to figure out how to open the protective casing, unscrew the old bulb, and screw the new one in. Your owner's manual should tell you what tools you might need and how to go about doing this, plus you can find videos online that will walk you through the process.

Maintaining proper headlight maintenance can help you see better at night and decrease the chances of getting into an accident or hitting something. It only takes a few minutes to make certain your lights are nice and bright, and it's not very expensive or difficult to replace them it looks like they need to be.