Popular Cars that People Restore

Writer - John Linden

Nowadays you can easily access car collector information online, from which part to use to fix your Pontiac GTO, to the best car covers to use. Thanks internet! Not only is there endless pages of information but you can obtain mechanic reviews, personal seller reviews and car covers reviews as well. With all this data one click away, it can be tricky to know who and what to believe, here is a trustworthy list of the top seven popular cars that people restore.

  • Pontiac GTO 1971-’72 - Ignore the high price tags of early GTO’s, specifically those with Tri Power, set your sights on the 1971-72 models. Many of the body parts have been reproduced, and there are plenty of GTO fans in the nation, so this should make the restoration process easy and enjoyable.

  • Dodge Charger - The original Charger debuted in 1968, and is still in production today. The second wave of production was more powerful and popular, it has gone through many charges during the years but is worth the restoration.

  • Ford Mustang 1964-’68 - Mustangs make for the idyllic project, almost any part you could need is manufactured, and the brand has a huge following. There are clubs, and experts everywhere to make finding the accessories cake, and the selling of the piece even easier.

  • 1968 Shelby GT500KR Convertible - The metal frame and white convertible top make for a true collectable in this piece. With its obvious classic looks it has four speed manual steering and power brakes. It may seem expensive but is worth every dollar.

  • Chevrolet Camaro 1967-’69 - There is always going to be a large demand for these vehicles. Similarly to the Mustang you can easily find all the parts, and simply cannot go wrong restoring one. Most importantly they are extremely fun to drive, and have powerful engines.

  • Cadillac Series 62-’57 - The Cadillacs of this year have the hardtop body style, they have the recognizable and stylish 1950’s flare. Although these parts are a bit harder to come by, you can get by with previously used parts, and help with specialists and club members.

  • Lincoln Continental 1961-’66 - This classy ride will never go out of style, it is difficult to find anyone who doesn’t appreciate the look of these beauties. These vehicles were hand assembled, so it is not as easy to find the parts, but they are an affordable luxury car worth restoring and owning.

Firstly, when deciding which car to restore you must decide if you are doing it for monetary value, or that show stopper quality. Many of the most popular cars to restore are not the shiniest, but have readily available parts to buy and install in the likely broken down vehicle you will be purchasing. If you love classic car restoration but want it to be somewhat cheap and manageable then going mainstream has its perks. Secondly, do not be afraid to shop online. Many of these marvelous pieces will rarely fall into your lap, if using E Bay or Amazon just enter the make and model that you want , make sure the seller is verified and negotiate a pick up procedure. You may be able to negotiate prices, or ensure that the seller includes the car covers in the purchase as well. Use modern luxuries to your advantage.