4 Benefits of Using a Hail Car Cover

Although hail does not frequently occur, with many areas of the country experiencing only a handful of hail events each year, these icy showers can show up anywhere at the most unexpected and inconvenient times, leaving your car exposed. Just minutes left out in a hail storm, and your car may sustain heartbreaking damage, from minor paint scratches to a smashed windshield, to dents in the car body. No matter how attentive you are in the care of your car, a sudden hail storm can lead to costly repairs and, in some cases, it may mean you need to write off your vehicle completely.

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Besides the damage, you may be forced to pay exorbitant out-of-pocket expenses for repairs you hadn’t planned for nor ever considered before. Whether you live in Colorado, where some of the worst hailstorms in the country occur, or Florida, where freak storms throw hail at you when least expected, being prepared with a car cover specially designed for hail protection can make a huge difference. If you have no indoor parking options or you frequently travel without the benefit of covered parking lots, understanding how to protect your car from hail damage can be a challenge. A hail car cover is a simple solution that offers several benefits for your vehicle.

  1. Protects Your Car’s Exterior During Mild Hailstorms
    Mild hailstorms occur much more frequently than violent ones but can still leave their mark on vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Be prepared by keeping a hail car cover on hand.
    If your location is expected to experience mild hailstorms, covering up your car provides enough protection to weather the effects of the storm. With the milder storms, the wind speed is significantly lower, resulting in hailstones traveling at a slower velocity. However, these icy bullets can still cause serious damage.
    A high-quality hail car cover prevents unsightly dings and dents in the paintwork that could lead to corrosion. They can also prevent small hailstones from chipping windows and mirrors. Look for a cover that features layers or barrier protection, including a soft fleece inner liner to absorb the impact of falling hailstones.
  2. Lessens Damage Caused by Violent Hailstorms
    Violent hailstorms can be damaging to property of all types when left outdoors. And while a car cover may not totally prevent the damage caused by the larger hail or from the violence of the storm itself, it can significantly reduce their impact and damage. This will subsequently lessen any need for repair, often resulting in the popping out of smaller dents only.
    A hail car cover is also ideal for homes with a carport. Carports are an affordable alternative to a full garage. While the roof can prevent most severe hailstorm damage, the open sides leave your vehicle vulnerable to scratches from ricocheting hailstones or pellets blown sideways by the wind. A hail car cover acts as a secondary layer of protection for cars kept outdoors under a carport.

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    Look for a car cover with shock-absorbing capabilities to cushion your vehicle from the damage of particularly hard pellets. Not all car covers are created equally, and not all are thick enough to weather the abuse of these ice pellets.
  1. Cover the Entire Car for Overall Protection
    A hail car cover, especially one custom made to fit your particular vehicle, encases the entire exterior, not just portions of it like universal cover or tarpaulin. When that wind kicks up, expect hail to be thrown in every direction, slamming into your car in several spots, not just the roof, hood, or trunk. Keeping your entire car covered ensures equal protection for all parts, from front to back and side to side.

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    In addition, a fitted car cover provides additional protection and convenience, helping the cover stay in place during high winds, which often accompany hailstorms. Sustained high winds can easily rip a poorly fitted car cover off, leaving your vehicle exposed to the elements. Look for car covers that have an elastic hem, several anchoring points, and a strap to secure it in place.
  1. Portable Enough to Take Anywhere
    A hail car cover is also portable enough to take anywhere, whether traveling to work or three states over for a week of vacation. You’ll always be prepared for a sudden hailstorm as long as you have one stowed in your car. Choose a car cover that is quick and easy to apply should you get caught in a freak hailstorm. The cover should have a snug fit and a flexible hem that reaches under the vehicle for simple installation and removal.

The Bottom Line

Hailstorms can come on suddenly and be gone just as quickly. In their wake, however, they can leave damage and destruction to your vehicle’s exterior. Taking the extra step to always cover your car when outside and to carry a protective hail car cover with you on your travels will help ensure you are providing your car with constant protection and care. At CarCovers.com, we carry the best range of custom and semi-custom car covers available to protect your vehicle from hail damage. Call us at 800-385-3603 or explore our collection using the convenient search tool.