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Yamaha Waverunner Covers

One of the best ways to protect your jet ski from the elements is to invest in a custom-fitted jet ski cover. Here at, we stock the highest quality Yamaha Waverunner covers available, alongside products designed to fit models from a wide range of brands, from Yamaha to Kawasaki, Polaris to Sea-Doo. Our products are designed with short term and long term storage in mind, so you can rest assured your vehicle is getting the best protection available. Find the perfect Yamaha jet ski cover for your vehicle today to protect your vehicle when in storage.

Weatherproof Waverunner Covers

Jet skis are used to seeing plenty of sun and spray when floating on the water, but leaving them out in the elements during the offseason is a sure way to damage the vehicle’s exterior. Prolonged exposure to rain, sun, or wind might affect the color and finish of your water craft, and harsh weather conditions could even affect the engine or electrical parts. For outdoor storage, you can’t go wrong with a custom-fit Yamaha jet ski cover.

Car covers for your jet ski are important, even for those with covered parking. Dust and dirt can build up in any location and a vehicle in indoor storage is still vulnerable to accidental bumps and scrapes. A custom car cover is a simple way to give your watercraft that extra protection at an affordable price.

Our covers are designed to be water-resistant, not waterproof, because we know that waterproof covers can cause more damage than they prevent. Our multilayered fabric covers are breathable enough to allow moisture to evaporate from inside, preventing the buildup of mold, mildew and rust on the body of your vehicle. We design for performance so that your vehicle looks great in and out of storage.

Custom Fit

We stock a huge range of vehicle covers but each one is made with a specific model in mind to guarantee a perfect snug fit. Inferior brands settle for one-size-fits-all covers that can end up being too tight or too loose, thus not offering the same level of complete protection. We make our products to manufacturer specifications and can even accommodate modified parts.

Our Yamaha Waverunner covers are easy to install, remove and fold away so you can take them with you wherever your jet skis go. Just pull the covers over the seat and attach the elasticated hems around the fenders of the watercraft. No special tools needed, no expert knowledge required. What’s more, all of our products have a fit guarantee to ensure our consumers get the protection they paid for. If your make and model is not listed on the website, speak to a member of our consumer team and they’ll help find you the perfect cover.

Premium Yamaha Jet Ski Covers

Our Yamaha jet ski covers are an easy and affordable investment to guarantee protection from scratches, color damage, and more! With CUSTOM FIT Waverunner covers and accessories alongside products for over 100 other makes and models, it's easy to understand why people prefer to shop with us.

Not only do we provide covers that fit your boat or watercraft perfectly, we take pride in making sure our customers are satisfied with their service. We have hundreds of positive reviews from customers happy with their custom cover purchases. If you have any questions about our covers, accessories, shipping or delivery, contact a member of our consumer team today.

Yamaha Covers For All Makes And Models:

Top Selling Yamaha Jet Ski Covers

  1. Weatherproof MAX Shield Jet Ski Cover (Trailerable) [Solid Red]


    Regular Price: $239.95

    Guaranteed Fit

    30 Day Returns

    Free Shipping

    In Stock.

    Ships next Business Day

    [RED COLOR] Weatherproof Shield MAX Jet Ski Covers are highest quality and most durable covers for your personal watercraft. They offer unmatched protection against rain, sun, dirt and other elements.

    Weatherproof MAX Shield Jet Ski Cover Lifetime Warranty

    More Details
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