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SUV Covers

One of the best ways to protect your SUV's exterior is to buy a custom fit SUV cover. Investing in a cover for your Jeep Wrangler, Chevrolet Tahoe, Chevrolet Suburban or other big brand SUVs is the first essential step towards protecting your investment. Dirt, dust, bird droppings, and the elements like heat and ultraviolet (UV) rays, can be damaging to the protective clear coat on your vehicle.

These protective solutions are inexpensive and portable. They are a common and efficient way to protect the exterior from scratches, discoloration and more! Not only do we provide covers that fit your SUV perfectly, we also provide the best covers with multiple layers of advanced protection. Ensure your investment is guaranteed to be safe from the sun, weather, and even some physical damage.

Weatherproof SUV Covers

If you store your vehicle outside, it will always be at risk of weather damage. No matter how temperate your environment is, prolonged exposure to bird droppings, ultraviolet rays, wind, or rain can damage your vehicle’s finish and paint. Leaving your SUV outdoors in extreme weather, unprotected, could even pose a risk to your vehicle's engine or internal mechanics.

In all weather scenarios, consider a weatherproof cover to protect your SUV. A custom-fit cover protects your vehicle from wind, rain, snow, ultraviolet (UV) rays, dust, dirt, and more. Perfect as a long-term storage solution or temporary outdoor safety. A custom fit cover could even protect your paint during indoor storage, by reducing the damage from accidental bumps, scrapes and scratches.

The products we stock are breathable, rather than waterproof. This is because waterproof covers prevent water from escaping, as well as entering, meaning you risk a buildup of moisture between the cover material and your SUV. That’s how a completely waterproof SUV cover can lead to mold, mildew, and rust damage. Instead, we offer a vehicle cover with water resistance that offer the same weather protection but with breathability. Whether you need an SUV cover for snow, rain, or debris caused by extreme weather, we have a cover for you.

Custom Fit SUV Car Covers

If you’re looking to protect your vehicle, you want full body protection. Inferior brands supplying one-size-fits-all covers don’t offer the same protection as our premium covers. Custom fit covers are made to measure and fitted with an elastic hem so that they fit your vehicle comfortably that protect your SUV's paint and finish for years to come.

Our SUV covers are easy to fit without the need for complex tools or cumbersome straps and buckles. Simply slide them over the roof of the vehicle and pull the elastic hem down to hug tight to the underside. Our products fit even without mirror pockets, which are often the parts of a cover most vulnerable to wear and tear.

With custom fit SUV Covers for over 100 makes and models, and accessories for your SUV, it's easy to understand why people prefer to shop with us. Our covers fit SUVs of all brands, makes, and models, providing complete protection at all times. In the unlikely event that you can’t find your exact vehicle in our database, just speak to a member of our customer team to track down the right cover. Whether this is for you, are a gift for someone else, the storage bag, antenna patch, and reinforced grommet holes for a cable & lock set, make this a cost effective protection purchase.

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