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Customized Outdoor Car Covers - Perfect Fit Guaranteed and Resistant to All Weather

Your vehicle is one of the greatest investments you will ever make, so you need to take care of it. This includes buying the strongest custom car cover on the market. If you park in a garage, an indoor car cover might be the better option for you, but if your car is outside, an outdoor car cover is a necessity to protect your vehicle. We offer durable and budget-friendly custom car covers that are guaranteed to fit your car and protect it from all kinds of damage including animal damage, weather events, rotting, gradual discoloration and fading, and unattractive dings.

Customers can attest to the fit and effectiveness of our custom car covers and various accessories. We offer hundreds of car covers that are guaranteed to fit your vehicle, which includes storm proof covers that are made up of several protective layers to guard your vehicle against all kinds of weather including rain, snow, sun, and more. There is no doubt UV rays can also damage your car, so our covers are made up of an enhanced fiber that protects against them. When you purchase a custom car cover from us, you can trust your car will be getting sufficient protection.

Product Information

Not only are you looking for a custom indoor or outdoor car cover that will protect your car from various damages, you also want the cover to last. Our covers are guaranteed to protect against damaging weather events as well as protect your car’s paint by blocking harmful UV rays through the use of enhanced fibers.

When you purchase our custom car covers, you can rest assured that your car is protected regardless what kind of climate you reside in. Our covers protect against both sun and water, which will ensure your car maintains its color and does not go through the rotting process. We offer custom car covers for hundreds of makes and models, and you can choose from dozens of different colors. When you purchase from us, we guarantee you are getting the best protection and perfect fit at a price that won’t break the bank.

We 100% guarantee our products come with:

  • Heavy-duty materials that will last
  • Indoor and outdoor options
  • UV ray protection that will protect against sun damage
  • Resistance against water damage
  • Various color options
  • Easy install, including a label that specifies which end is which
  • An ID tag sewn onto the front so you can identify the right cover

With all of the features above, our covers are made to be snug on your vehicle to prevent outside hazards from damaging it. Buying our long-lasting custom car covers ensures your car is safe.

Our customers also enjoy free shipping - all the time - and an easy 30-day return policy.

Note that because some of our covers are custom-made to fit your car perfectly, delivery may take three or four weeks.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

We guarantee that our products are manufactured without any defects, which includes materials used, for a lifetime as long as the covers are used by the people who initially purchased them. As long as our covers are used on the vehicles they were custom-created for, our customers can trust they are getting superior protection. Of course, every product you buy - especially those for a vehicle - will eventually wear out as time goes on, but we guarantee you are making a great investment because our custom car covers are made to last a long time.

We are dedicated to providing the best customer service and making sure you are happy with your purchase. Our team strives to keep all of our customers happy, so we handle any warranty claims with great consideration.

As with warranties on most products, some customers submit outrageous claims, but we promise we do not up our prices because of them. If we determine your claim falls under our warranty protection, we will either prorate the price for a new product or send you a replacement product for free. We aim to keep you as a customer for life and believe that honest customer service and fair dispute resolutions are critical to doing so. Our decision is final and proof of purchase is required when submitting a claim.

Some exclusions to the warranty we provide include:

  • Wear and tear from severe abrasive conditions
  • Contact with chemicals such as bleach
  • Car accidents
  • Improper installation
  • Improper usage

Frequently Asked Questions

a) Can I lock my custom car cover?

You can. Our covers come with strong grommet holes that make it easy to lock. For an extra charge, we can send you a coated cable and a sturdy padlock.

b) Can I clean my car cover without causing damage to it?

Yes. Your custom car cover can be placed in a washing machine without an agitator. Extra large covers will require a front-loading commercial washing machine. Simply mix a cup of water with ¼ cup of Simple Green Cleaner (can be found at most major retailers) and place it in the washing machine. The best setting is warm water on a gentle cycle. Do NOT use fabric softener. After the cycle is complete, do two rinse (water only) cycles before drying it on medium heat or letting it air dry.

c) When will my custom car cover arrive?

Depending on your order, it may ship the same day it was ordered. Most covers are shipped the next business day and take between two to five business days to receive. Residents outside of the contiguous U.S. or customers who ordered heavily customized covers can expect a longer delivery time.

d) Which cover is better for me: Indoor or Outdoor?

Indoor custom car covers are usually made of a plush interior and a polyester knit fabric to protect a car from damage to its paint or finish. Outdoor covers have resistant fibers that provide protection against weather factors like water and UV rays. If your car will be in a garage, indoor covers are recommended, but if your car will be uncovered, outdoor covers are recommended.

e) Which car cover is the best?

There are three fits of car covers. Universal car covers normally come in small, medium, and large and do not provide sufficient coverage; therefore, we do not sell them. Semi-custom fit covers are the most commonly sold and are tailored to fit the approximate dimensions of a particular vehicle. These are arguably the best value, as they provide your car with a snug (but not exact) fit at a good price. Fully custom fit car covers are tailored exactly to your car’s body and the majority of them come with mirror pockets. These cost more and take longer to ship, but provide the most protection for your car.

There are four “shields” to choose from: platinum, ultimate, deluxe, and basic.

Platinum shields are of the highest quality and protect against weather more than any other shield because they have a urethane coating, which is highly weather-resistant and will protect the finish of your vehicle. Platinum shields are superior to competition because they have polyester instead of polypro, so the covers are stronger yet do not weigh as much. Platinum shields come with a lifetime warranty and come with a no-cost storage bag, lock set, and dusting cloths.

Ultimate shields are made of multi-layer polypropylene materials and a porous film that provides breathability but also blocks bad weather. Ultimate shields come with a 10-year warranty.

Deluxe shields are also good for outdoor protection because they come with multi-layer polypropylene materials; however, they do not include the same non-abrasive interior that ultimate shields come with. Deluxe shields come with a 5-year warranty.

Basic shields are great for indoor usage because they protect from dust and abrasions. Basic shields come with a 3-year warranty.

Overall, platinum shields win the award for the best car cover, as they are highly durable and protective while also not weighing a lot like some of their competitors. Preventing rust and other deterioration such as mildew is critical for the preservation of your vehicle’s shine, so when you buy a platinum shield, we guarantee you are getting the superior custom car shield.

f) Can custom car covers protect from hail?

Yes. Buying a custom car cover is an excellent way for you to protect your vehicle from hail damage. Even vehicles that are under covered parking can benefit from these, as they can also protect against dings, discoloration, rush, and scratches. Our hail covers are available for more than 100 car models and provide several protective layers so that you can be sure your vehicle has full protection from weather and other damaging conditions.

g) Can I clean my car cover?

Read the tag first, but chances are, the answer is yes. It is best to use a commercial washing machine, but a home washing machine without an agitator can work, too. Fill the washer with cold water, add a cup of soap with the cover, and run the cycle on delicate. Rinse an extra time or two, and then it is normally recommended to air dry it. Be sure to not use hot water, softener, or aggressive detergents.

If your cover is dusty, you can either shake it off or use some fabric to “beat” out the dust. A vacuum cleaner can also help you get the dust off.

If you want to hand wash your cover, first spray it down with a hose. Next, get a large bucket with mild soap and cold water and soak a gentle cloth in it. Wipe both sides of the cover thoroughly but gently with the soapy cloth. Rinse the cover with the hose a couple more timesand hang it out to air dry.

If you need to get bird droppings and/or sap off of your car cover, do one of the washing options above but be sure to soak the cover in warm water prior to washing it. This will break up the particles and ensure they will come off when they are washed.

If your car cover is stained with bird droppings, mix warm water, vinegar, and a mild detergent and then rub the mixture on the cover with a gentle cloth. “Poop-off” is also available and specifically targets bird droppings.

If your car cover is stained with sap, put some ethanol on a cloth and rub it on the cover. This will loosen the particles of sap, which can then be scraped off.

h) Are car covers waterproof?

This is a tricky question. Many companies advertise that their custom car covers are 100% waterproof and do not allow any water from getting through their covers. This, however, isn’t quite what customers need. Of course, customers want to keep wetness out of the cover, but the cover also needs to be able to release trapped moisture that does happen to get in.

Be careful when trusting companies that claim they are selling 100% waterproof car covers. These allow no breathability; therefore, when hazardous conditions do come in contact with the car under the cover, there is no way for them to get out. If this happens and the vehicle is left unattended for a period of time, rust, mildew, and mold can damage it.

If you’re wondering if you should get a waterproof car cover, consider your needs. Despite popular belief, water isn’t the most threatening factor to your car. Instead, dirt and dust are some of the worst contaminants that can damage your car’s finish. Wind can also cause trouble, as it can create scuffs and pitting of the finish. The sun’s UV rays can fade the paint, and other factors such as humans, pets, birds, and traffic can also cause harm to your car.

As you would expect, indoor car covers are best for vehicles that will be kept in a garage or a storage unit, and outdoor covers are best for vehicles that will be kept outdoors and exposed to various weather elements. Overall, regardless what car cover you get, “waterproof” isn’t the most important factor. Instead, it needs to fit the body of your car, be breathable, and have no abrasive tendencies.

i) Can car covers damage your paint?

This is another tricky question, because a car’s “paint” does not just mean its color. There are four types of paint coats that are utilized including matte, metallic, solid, and pearlescent.

Unless specially ordered, cars are typically made with basic paint that come in white, red, blue, or black. There is one layer of paint and then a protective lacquer to protect the car from dings and other damage. Solid paint is cheap and blemishes can normally be fixed with a touch up; however, the color will wear out and fade over time.

Metallic paints have powdered metals added in that make the car shiny and hide small blemishes, but repairs are harder because the color needs to be matched precisely.

Pearlescent paint has ceramic crystals mixed in instead of powdered metals. This creates a beautiful sparkle effect in different lightings, but it also comes at a cost. Several coats of paint are needed instead of just one, so consumers who own cars with pearlescent paint really want to protect them.

Although rare, some makes and models come with matte paint. PVC or epoxy is used to shield from shine and make the car appear “silky.” Cars with matte paints looks very unique but matte paints are the most expensive type and are also extremely pricey to repair.

Overall, selecting the proper car cover for your needs will not cause paint damage and will further protect your car from paint damage.

j) Can a car cover protect a car from the sun?

Yes. UV rays can be harmful to your vehicle, especially its color, so a custom car cover can absolutely help protect against them.

k) Are car covers good for the winter?

Yes. Regardless what make and model you drive, a car cover can protect from snow, sleet, hail, and freezing temperatures.

l) Are car covers legal on the street?

In most areas, it is perfectly legal to use a custom car cover on the street or in a parking lot. Depending on states, however, the laws may vary so it is important to contact authorities if you are concerned you may be covering your car illegally.

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