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Fifth Wheel RV trailer covers

Fifth Wheel RV trailer covers are one of the best ways to protect your vehicle’s exterior from damage. Whether you store your motorhome outdoors or indoors, it may be vulnerable to damage from the climate conditions, dust, dirt or accidental scrapes. A custom-fit cover is an easy and affordable way to keep your RV looking clean and pristine for as long as possible.

We at are proud to be a retailer of high-quality custom-fitted motorhome covers. Our online shop provides products designed to stand the test of time, built to the specifications of your make and model of vehicle. Plus, we offer free and fast home delivery across the USA and speedy international shipping. What more could you ask for?

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Not sure which cover is for you?  Speak to a member of our customer team to discuss our products. You can call a member of our customer team today, or try out our Live Chat to discuss covers, accessories, and shipping. With fast home delivery to the U.S., Canada and beyond, we’ll make sure your RV is protected in no time.

Premium Products

No more ill-fitting, poor quality plastic covers. Our selection of water resistant fabric Fifth Wheel RV trailer covers extend the life of your motorhome, no matter where it’s stored. Storing your vehicle outdoors?  Protect it from rain, sun, and other adverse climate conditions with a Platinum Shield cover. Even better, all of our outdoor covers are water resistant, rather than waterproof, to prevent the build-up of moisture, mold and rust on the body of your motorhome. Still not convinced? How about a Lifetime Warranty – keep your Fifth Wheel trailers protected for decades to come!

Custom Design

Each item we sell is made with a specific vehicle in mind, so you know you’ll get the best fit. Our Fifth Wheel RV trailer covers are manufactured to detailed measurements to fit snugly around the body of your motorhome. For larger vehicles, our covers come equipped with guide straps to help maneuver the cover over the roof of the vehicle without the need of a ladder. Once installed, you can still access the doors of your motorhome through zippable flaps. If you want more information on the ideal cover for your vehicle, speak to a member of our customer team.

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Whether for business or pleasure, our motorhome covers are the perfect choice for protecting your vehicle at a low price. Take advantage of our free and fast home delivery across the USA and speedy international shipping. You’ll have your motorhome protected in no time.

Not sure which of our products is best for you? Call, email or live chat with one of our customer advisors to talk about your needs and budget. We’re always happy to help you through your journey, from shopping cart to delivery.

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