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Golf Cart Covers

If you’re a seasoned golfer, you’ll know that golf carts are just as important as cars, so why wouldn’t you offer them both the same level of protection? As a leading dealer of car covers, you can also count on us for the perfect cover to protect your golf cart.

No matter how many passengers a golf cart seats, it’s a home away from home for many avid golfers. When you’re not using it, your golf cart is susceptible to damage from weather, rain, sun and wind damage. To keep your golf cart ready for the green, invest in a custom fit golf cart cover.

CarCovers are your one-stop shop for all shapes and styles of cover. Our premium weatherproof golf cart covers are the best in the market for quality protection at an affordable price. If you’re looking to protect your golf cart, you can’t get better than CarCovers.


Left outside in the elements, your golf cart is at risk of damage from UV rays, rain, and snow, and debris carried by the wind. The golf cart cover also offers protection from animals, including bird and rodent droppings, falling leaves, tree sap and other natural elements, all of which could corrode your vehicle’s finish.

Wind damage is often of particular concern. Even the smallest particles of dust and dirt picked up by the wind can damage your golf cart’s finish, affect its mobility, and even damage the engine.

Our golf cart covers come in Standard or Weatherproof Shield models, each offering protection against the elements. Our advanced Weatherproof Shield model is made from durable PolyShield fabric, a quality thick dernier with built-in air vents for breathability.

Breathability is especially important when it comes to vehicle coverings. Despite what you might think, 100% waterproof coverings aren’t always the best choice for long-term storage. The waterproof fabric prevents water vapor from escaping, leading to the buildup of mold, mildew, and rust. Thankfully, our innovative breathable fabric is porous enough to allow water vapor to escape but water-resistant enough to protect your golf cart from rain and still durable against all elements.

Custom Fit

All of our items are durable yet flexible, designed to fit around your golf cart comfortably and with ease, no matter what brand, make, or model you drive. Each cover is sized to your vehicle dimensions, ensuring no part of your golf cart is left uncovered, from the roof to the wheel covers. Our products are suited to both open-air carts and those with doors.

Our golf cart covers are easy to fit snugly, without the need for straps, or complex installation. Just slide it over the roof and around both doors of the cart and your vehicle is already protected and prepared for long-term storage. Our golf cart covers also come with double-stitched rear zippers, reinforced to prevent any water seeping in but still allowing you access to your clubs and golfing accessories. The elastic hem across the bottom makes sure the whole cover fits tightly against the wheels of the cart.

We’ve even put thought into the mirror pockets. Many golf cart covers come with separate compartments to house the mirrors and other appendages to the body of the vehicle. While they may look like sensible additions to a custom fit cover, they are in fact the most at risk from wear and tear damage. Our golf cart covers are designed with durability in mind, meaning there’s no need for mirror pockets.

We are so committed to our customers that if you have any unique modifications to your golf cart we are willing to help amend our covers to fit. If you have made any modifications to your golf cart and are concerned about having them covered, simply contact a customer representative or leave a comment on one of our product pages. We’ll be in touch about what cover is best for you, or whether there are any modifications we can make so that our golf cart cover is a perfect fit for your vehicle.

Protection Everywhere

Our durable golf cart covers protect your vehicle wherever it is. Whether you store your golf cart at the course, in your driveway or in the garage, a custom cover offers the best protection possible from the elements and accidental damage.

Each of our covers is lightweight and foldable so they can fit easily in your cart or even your club bag. That means you can bring it with you wherever your golf cart goes to ensure it’s protected no matter what. You don’t have to worry about storage options, just fit the cover to your golf cart and it’ll be protected.

Even if your golf cart is stored inside during the winter months, there is always a risk of accidental damage from bumps, scrapes, and wandering hands. A custom cover is the best way to make sure your golf cart is protected in storage, no matter where it is.

Why CarCovers? is your top seller for quality covers for your golf cart. We apply the same quality standards to our golf cart covers as we do our car covers, testing them on durability, longevity, and protection, all for a reasonable price.

Our online shop carries a huge range of custom-fit covers, appropriate for all sizes and models of golf cart, available for free delivery, and with a five or ten-year warranty on your purchase, depending on your item.

With hundreds of five-star ratings, we also pride ourselves on our customer service. Our customer representatives are on hand to discuss your purchase and help you choose the right cover for your vehicle. If not, we offer 30-day returns on all our covers, so we can be sure you’ve got the product you need. Our covers come with a 100% fit guarantee because we are confident we can get the right cover for you. If a cover is not the right fit for your golf cart, contact a customer representative and we will replace the item and pay for return shipping.

Don’t settle for a generic car cover, find a custom fit cover for your golf cart and make sure your vehicle is protected in storage.

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