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RV Covers

At, we understand vehicles. We supply custom-fit covers for thousands of brands, makes and models. That’s why we know that a generic cover is not suitable for your recreational vehicle (RV). From your truck camper to your caravan and even toy hauler, roof to wheels, we can cover it all, at a reasonable price.

Your RV likely takes a beating. When you travel, most RVs are subjected to rainfall, snow, wind, sun (ultraviolet rays), a whole lot of dust and dirt, and anything and everything else life can throw at them. However, all of these elements take a toll on the vehicle’s paint job, wheels, and even internal mechanics. For that reason, it’s important to give your RV a rest from these damaging elements when it’s not in use.

The average RV spends most of the year in storage, waiting for camping season. While your RV is stored in the winter it is just as susceptible to elemental damage, especially since you might not be checking up on it as often. You want your RV to be ready to make that trip, which is why it’s important to invest in a custom fit RV cover to protect your RV or camper while in storage. is proud to be the best on the market for supplying quality, custom-fit covers for all brands of Class A to Class C, as well as all types of trailers and truck campers. Our products are available for next day delivery with free shipping available and are complete with warranties, all for a competitive price.

Optimum Protection

Left outside in the elements, your recreational vehicle or camper is at risk of damage from ultraviolet (UV) rays, rain, and snow, and debris carried by the wind. Our RV covers protect your vehicle from all of these, as well as from animals, including bird droppings, and from other natural elements like tree sap, all of which could corrode your RV’s finish.

If the wind is your concern, CarCovers is here for you. Even the smallest particles of dust and dirt picked up by the wind can damage your RV’s fiberglass, finish, affect its mobility and even damage the engine. Many of our RV covers come equipped with built-in vents that reduce wind stress and promote ventilation.

When it comes to sun damage, our covers offer the best protection available for your investment. Each of our custom-fit RV covers is made from reflective silver polyester. The material is chemically coated for UV stability, keeping your vehicle cool and protecting it from the strongest sunlight.

When it comes to RVs, heat damage is not just about the external finish. Prolonged exposure to heat can filter into the cabin and sleeper area of the RV, affecting anything left inside. Our reflective covers ensure that the vehicle and your belongings within it are offered the best protection from damaging heat.

Water Resistance

The same goes for precipitation. Water damage is a huge cause of paint damage on vehicles and it can be easily mitigated with the use of a custom-fit RV cover. The fabric we use in manufacturing our covers is water-resistant and tested to offer optimum protection from the damaging effects of rain, sleet, snow, and even acid rain.

Importantly, our quality covers are breathable. Waterproof covers might seem attractive, as protection from the rain, but they’re not always the best option for your vehicle. A waterproof surface also prevents water from escaping the covers. Most importantly, completely waterproof fabric prevents evaporating water from escaping on hot days, resulting in higher chances of mold or mildew on plastic or fiberglass, and rust accumulating on the steel and metal parts of the vehicle and affecting the internal mechanics.

Our breathable covers prevent moisture buildup between the cover and the vehicle. Our covers are designed with innovative multilayered micro-porous materials to allow water vapor to pass through the cover but prevent rainwater from seeping in. That’s how, even with all the benefits of breathability, our RV covers are water-resistant to the point that most precipitation will slide right off on contact. Our solution offers the best of both worlds to protect your RV in summer and winter, rain or snow.

Protection Everywhere

Our custom RV covers protect your vehicle wherever it is. Whether you store your RV outside at a camping site, at home in the driveway or in the garage, a custom cover offers the best protection possible from the elements and accidental damage.

Each of our covers is lightweight and foldable, meaning you can bring them with you wherever your RV goes. You don’t have to worry about storage options, just fit the cover to your RV and it’ll be protected.

Even if your RV is stored inside during the winter months, there is always a risk of accidental damage from bumps, scrapes, and wandering hands. A custom cover is the best way to make sure your RV is protected in storage, no matter where it is.

When not in use, our covers can be kept in the storage bag for easy retrieval, while keeping the cover compact for easy storage. These covers are great for personal use or a gift, you can put a price on peace of mind. Some RVs can be larger than your standard sized carport or garage can handle, but with a cover, that's no longer a problem.

Custom Fit

All of our items are designed to fit around your RV comfortably and with ease, no matter what brand, make or model you drive. Each cover is sized to your vehicle dimensions, ensuring no part of your RV is left uncovered. Our covers fit snugly across all parts of your RV, from the windshield to the AC unit and even the ladder.

We’ve even put thought into the mirror pockets. Many car covers come with separate compartments to house the mirrors and other appendages to the body of the vehicle. While they may look like sensible additions to a custom fit cover, they are in fact the most at risk from wear and tear damage. Our covers are designed with durability in mind, meaning there’s no need for mirror pockets.

All of our RV covers are easy to fit, requiring no specialist tools. Products like our Class A covers feature a weighted toss bag so you can cover the underside without having to crawl underneath. Our RV covers also feature zippered panes for easy access to doors and compartments, in case you need to access the interior but don’t want to remove your cover.

Why CarCovers? is your one-stop online shop for quality covers for your RV, camper, or mobile home. We apply the same quality standards to our RV covers as we do our car covers, testing them on durability, longevity, and protection.

With hundreds of five-star ratings, we also pride ourselves on our customer service. Our customer representatives are on hand to discuss your purchase and help you choose the right cover for your vehicle. If not, we offer 30-day returns on all our RV covers, so we can be sure you’ve got the product you need.

Our online shop carries a huge range of custom-fit covers, appropriate for all models of RV brands, available for free delivery, and with a warranty on your purchase. Don’t settle for a generic cover, find a custom fit cover for your motor home, camper or RV and make sure you're protected.

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