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Snowmobile Covers

Protect your sled! Just because your snowmobile is built to withstand the ice and snow, doesn’t mean it’s impervious to damage. When in storage, a snowmobile is susceptible to the same elemental and accidental damage as any vehicle. That’s why the same quality that you find in our car and truck covers is applied to our lineup of products.


Our snowmobile covers are designed for durability to keep your snowmobile protected when out of service and in storage. Both the external finish and internal components of your snowmobile are at risk of damage if left out unprotected in the rain, sun, or snow. For that reason, a custom-fit snowmobile cover is your best option for prolonging the life of your snowmobile.

One important aspect to bear in mind is that our quality covers are breathable. Waterproof covers might seem an attractive option for protection from the rain and other precipitation, but they’re not always the best option for your vehicle. This is because a waterproof surface also prevents water from escaping the covers. This means, on hot days, water vapor is prevented from escaping, resulting in higher chances of mold, mildew, and rust accumulating on the finish of the vehicle and affecting the internal mechanics. This also means more chance of frost build-up in cold weather, which can be equally damaging.

Our breathable covers prevent moisture buildup between the cover and the vehicle. Our covers are designed with innovative multilayered micro-porous materials to allow water vapor to pass through the cover but prevent rain and snow from seeping in. That’s how, even with all the benefits of breathability, our snowmobile covers are water-resistant to the point that most precipitation will slide right off on contact. Our solution offers the best of both worlds to protect your snowmobile in summer and winter, rain or snow.

Custom Fit

All of our items are designed to fit around your snowmobile comfortably and with ease, no matter what brand, make, or model you drive. Each cover is sized to your vehicle dimensions, ensuring no part of your snowmobile is left uncovered.

We’ve even put thought into the mirror pockets. Many vehicle covers come with separate compartments to hose the mirrors and other appendages to the body of the vehicle. While they may look like sensible additions to a custom fit cover, they are in fact the most at risk from wear and tear damage. Our covers are designed with durability in mind, meaning there’s no need for mirror pockets.

Why CarCovers? is your one-stop online shop for quality covers for your snowmobile, camper, or mobile home. We apply the same quality standards to our snowmobile covers as we do our car covers, testing them on durability, longevity, and protection.

With hundreds of five-star ratings, we also pride ourselves on our customer service. Our customer representatives are on hand to discuss your purchase and help you choose the right cover for your vehicle. If not, we offer 30-day returns on all our snowmobile covers, so we can be sure you’ve got the product you need.

Our online shop carries a huge range of custom-fit covers, appropriate for all models of snowmobile brands, available for free delivery, and with a warranty on your purchase. Don’t settle for a generic cover, find a custom fit cover for your snowmobile, and make sure your vehicle is protected in storage.

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Best Selling Snowmobile Covers

Our Best Selling Snowmobile Cover for OUTDOOR Use

For outdoors we recommend our top selling cover! This is our most durable cover for outdoor use. It is designed to hold up in all types of extreme weather from rain, snow, high UV and sun exposure, and more!

Additionally, if you plan to use your cover outdoors, we highly recommend adding the optional Gust Strap Wind Protector when you click add to cart. The wind straps will keep the cover on during windy or stormy times.

Weatherproof Shield Snowmobile Cover (Trailerable)
Weatherproof Shield Snowmobile Cover (Trailerable)


Regular Price: $239.95

"Great shopping experience. Would recommend to anyone who needs a cover, mine was for a snowmobile and it fit great." - Nick

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Weatherproof Shield Snowmobile Covers are high quality outdoor and indoor covers. They offer amazing protection against rain, sun, dirt and other elements.

Weatherproof Shield Snowmobile Cover

Our Best Selling Snowmobile Cover for INDOOR Use

For Indoor Use, we recommend the Satin Shield car cover. Highly form-fitting and ultra-plush, Satin Shield is our softest and most luxurious material ideal for indoor storage.

Standard Shield Snowmobile Cover
Standard Shield Snowmobile Cover


Regular Price: $149.95

  • Guaranteed Fit
  • 30-Day Returns
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  • Ships next Business Day

Standard Shield Snowmobile Covers are excellent storage covers. Designed for light protection outdoor and indoor storage use. Great value

Standard Shield Snowmobile Cover