Two of the Best Snowmobile Covers

Snowmobile Season Prep: Two of the Best Snowmobile Covers

We love carving through the snow and gliding across the ice on a snowmobile! There’s simply no thrill like pushing top speeds on a sled with the ice-cold breeze and snow spray in your face. But there’s a downside: This is one recreational activity that has a relatively limited season, which means our mobiles have to sit in storage for half the year or more. Sled enthusiasts know that you need a good-quality snowmobile cover when you’re not riding, to preserve the finish and keep it running at its best when you break it out after that first good snow.

We offer snowmobile covers for Polaris, Arctic Cat, Ski-Doo, Yamaha, Kawasaki, John Deere, and more of the top makers here at If you’re looking for a reliable shield for protection in the off-season or while traveling in the trailer, the following covers make a great solution.

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Best All-Around: Weatherproof Shield Snowmobile Cover

Best For: Those looking for a snowmobile cover for trailering and outdoor storage.

Cost: Starts at $159.95

Pros: Weather-resistant, backed by a 10-year-limited warranty, features an integrated buckle and strap system to keep it secure while on the trailer.

This premium snowmobile cover is designed for the best possible level of protection during trailering or when stored outside year-round. It’s constructed from a durable, 600-denier PolyShield material that’s UV-treated to protect your snowmobile from damaging sun rays that could cause the finish to fade, crack, or bubble.

The PolyShield material is water-resistant yet breathable, which helps prevent mold, mildew, and premature rust from developing. With a fully elasticized design for a secure fit plus a unique buckle and strap system to help it stay-put on the trailer, this is the ideal choice for serious sledders who travel with their fleet and don’t want to compromise on performance or longevity.

Best Budget-Friendly Option: Standard Shield Snowmobile Cover

Best For: Those looking for light outdoor and indoor protection at a budget-friendly price.

Cost: Starts at $99.95

Pros: Lightweight, backed by a five-year limited warranty, affordable.

The Standard Shield Snowmobile Cover is our most economical option, but it still provides top-level protection in mild outdoor environments as well as the indoors. It’s constructed from a lightweight 300-denier nylon material that defends against sun damage, bird droppings, tree sap, and more. The nylon material is breathable and comes equipped with air vents to boost airflow and prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

This affordable snowmobile cover is slightly less protective than our Weatherproof Shield, but it still brings some great benefits. It’s a bit lighter in weight and easier to maneuver than the other option, making it a good choice for those who are constantly covering and uncovering their sleds throughout the season. It is important to note that this cover isn’t recommended for use on a trailer, but it can create a strong defense against dust and mild elements in the garage or shed.

Finding the Perfect Snowmobile Cover

Whether you’re looking for a perfect-fitting Polaris snowmobile cover or something to shield a vintage or restored model, has a great solution for you. Don’t worry if you’re unsure about sizing. Every cover in our selection comes backed by a fit guarantee to ensure that it’s custom-fit to your snowmobile for the best possible grade of protection.

Have you made a few cool modifications to your sled? That’s not a problem either. When you’re checking out, simply use the comments section and leave us a detailed note about any mods or accessories you want to keep covered. We’ll do our very best to create a custom cover that suits your snowmobile like a glove to keep it sliding and gliding for many seasons to come.