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Jet Ski Covers

Jet skis and other watercraft might have more water resistance than the average car, but that doesn’t mean they are impervious to damage. When they’re in storage, jet skis are just as susceptible to the effects of weather, UV rays, and accidental damage as any vehicle. Any of these elements could cause serious damage to the seat, body, or even engine of your jet ski or watercraft.

For that reason, you might consider investing in a high-quality jet ski cover. Our online shop offers jet ski covers to suit models from major brands like Seat, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Sea-Doo, amongst others, so we’re confident you can find the right cover for your watercraft.


A jet ski might be smaller than a boat, but less surface area doesn’t necessarily mean less damage. Uncovered jet skis risk suffering UV damage to the body, as well as potential wind damage from dirt and debris. Even if your jet ski is stored in a covered location, there is always the risk of accidental damage from bumps, scrapes, and wandering hands.

The best way to achieve the protection your jet ski needs is to invest in a durable jet ski cover. Our custom fit products cover everything, protecting your engine, fuel tank, and body from potential damage. Our products are breathable, so they don’t trap moisture that could affect the finish and internal mechanics of your watercraft. The multi-layered fabric shields against rain, snow, wind, and UV rays.

Why CarCovers? is your one-stop online shop for covering your jet ski or watercraft. We apply the same quality standards to our Jet Ski covers as we do our car covers, testing them on durability, longevity, and water resistance.

Our online shop carries a huge range of custom-fit covers, appropriate for all models of jet ski brands including Seat, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Sea-Doo, and more. Find a custom fit cover for your personal watercraft and make sure your vehicle is protected in storage.

With hundreds of five-star ratings, we also pride ourselves on our customer service. Our customer representatives are on hand to discuss any of our products and help you choose the right cover for your vehicle. If not, we offer 30-day returns on all our jet ski covers, so we can be sure you’ve got the product you need.

Jet Ski Covers For All Makes And Models:

Top Selling Jet Ski Covers

  1. Weatherproof MAX Shield Jet Ski Cover (Trailerable) [Solid Red]


    Regular Price: $239.95

    Guaranteed Fit

    30 Day Returns

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    Ships next Business Day

    [RED COLOR] Weatherproof Shield MAX Jet Ski Covers are highest quality and most durable covers for your personal watercraft. They offer unmatched protection against rain, sun, dirt and other elements.

    Weatherproof MAX Shield Jet Ski Cover Lifetime Warranty

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