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BMW Car Covers | Custom, Weatherproof & Guaranteed Fit

You want to protect your luxury BMW automobile. That’s why you invest in a custom BMW cover for your vehicle. Your car or SUV endures lots of abuse from the weather, animals and the sun’s UV rays. When you treat your BMW to the protection it deserves, you ensure that the car body remains in like-new condition.

Even when you park under cover, your BMW still requires some extra protection and security. Keep your valuables where they belong and make it harder for a thief to break in. Plus, you keep other people’s hands off the car body, where they don’t belong.

More importantly, the BMW cover is inexpensive and portable. It doesn’t cost you much to provide exceptional protection from scratches and discoloration. You can find a complete selection of indoor car covers and outdoor car covers for your BMW.

Custom Fit BMW Covers

Our custom fit BMW covers and accessories work perfectly with your luxury vehicle. We also provide over 100 other car covers for various makes and models. This custom BMW cover hugs your car or SUV perfectly. It comes with a tailored fit, whether you have a garage, driveway or have to park on the street.

Invest in your BMW and protect it from the elements. This custom BMW cover is constructed from three-ply breathable materials. It also comes with reinforced grommets and overlapping seams. Our custom fabric is engineered to provide resistance to dust, rain, UV rays and dust.

Our BMW car covers allow your car body to breathe the way it should. All of the moisture comes out from under the cover to create the perfect climate and temperature. The exterior layer is in place to defend your paint from scratches, dirt and animal droppings. The soft, inner layer offers a pampering finish to keep your auto paint in its best condition.

Join with BMW enthusiasts across the globe that trust us to protect their vehicle. We have a selection of BMW covers that fit your car or SUV perfectly. We manufacture custom car covers that have multiple layers so you receive more protection than from other brands.

Shop with to protect your most valuable investment. We assure that your BMW car or SUV will remain safe from the sun, weather, animals and wandering hands. Isn’t your luxury BMW worth the investment? Our 250,000 verified customers would agree that you deserve the best.

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