6 Reasons Why You Should Use a UTV Cover

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Utility Task Vehicles are regularly put through their paces by their adventurous owners, going through rough terrain in all kinds of weather. To keep your UTV in tip-top shape, you need to take good care of it even when it’s parked, and that means investing in a high-quality UTV cover.

1. UTV Covers Provide Sun Protection

Protecting your UTV from the sun’s damaging UV rays, especially if you live in an area that experiences a lot of sunshine, is vital. The sun can cause external paintwork and interiors to fade and, in extreme cases, peel. Even if your UTV isn’t in direct sunlight, exposure to high temperatures can lead to damage, such as a cracked dashboard, and can also cause battery water to evaporate. Because UTVs are so exposed to the elements, using a cover whenever it’s parked is perhaps even more critical than other vehicles. All of our UTV covers, from the Standard Shield to the most advanced Weatherproof MAX, are chemically treated to resist UV rays.

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2. They Protect Your UTV from the Cold and Rain

The sun isn’t the only element harmful to vehicles, and UTVs are particularly vulnerable to rain and snow, especially models that don’t have windows protecting them. Over time, exposure to rain, particularly acid rain, can cause issues like rust with many parts of a UTV, including the mechanics. Low temperatures also negatively affect the battery, spark plugs, and tires, to name a few.

Protect Your UTV with a Quality Cover

A UTV is more exposed to the elements than a car or truck, particularly those without windows, making it even more crucial to take steps to protect it. The seams of our covers are ultrasonically welded, ensuring water resistance at what is often a weak point in standard car covers. Purchasing a UTV cover made from water-resistant material keeps your vehicle safe from the rain and snow, but you must ensure you opt for a cover with ventilation. Without ventilation, your UTV cover traps water and leads to unwanted mold. At, our covers are specifically made with vented openings that allow the water-resistant material to shed moisture and remain breathable, preventing mold and mildew.

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3. They Prevent Damage from Exposure to Nature

It is not only the climate that can damage your UTV; over time, bird droppings and tree sap can harm your vehicle’s paint job. If you park your Utility Task Vehicle outside, the best way to protect it from these destructive substances is by using a UTV cover.

4. They Are Tailored to Fit Your UTV

Many vehicle covers on the market are made in a standard size to fit multiple vehicles, but, for the best protection, opt for a UTV Cover designed for your specific model. When it comes to keeping out water, heat, and other elements, a good fit is vital, as dampness can creep into the smallest cracks. Not only are’s UTV covers altered for each model, but they also have a full elastic hem, guaranteeing a perfect fit. They also boast a built-in knuckle and strap system that secures the cover in place, even in windy weather. These straps also keep your cover secure when transporting your UTV on a trailer.

5. They Protect UTVs Even in Garages

UTV owners who keep their vehicle in a garage may question whether a UTV cover is a worthwhile investment for them. While it’s true that keeping your vehicle inside protects it from the sun and rain, there are still several benefits to using a cover.

First, garages tend to be dusty, and a form-fitting cover can keep your UTV nice and clean, reducing the maintenance you need to perform regularly. Your UTV cover can also protect your vehicle from scratches, especially if your garage doubles as a workshop.

Poor insulation is also common in garages, meaning that your UTV could experience similar levels of heat and cold exposure as it would outdoors. A UTV cover provides a shield from temperature highs and lows, particularly when sudden temperature changes could cause considerable damage.

6. They Are Portable

UTV owners often like to take their vehicles with them on trips, but you may not have garage facilities while you’re away. UTV covers are light and foldable, making them highly portable. You can pack them wherever you go, from the desert to the mountains, and protect your vehicle from the elements.

Protect Your UTV

UTV covers are an affordable investment to protect a precious piece of machinery. These simple solutions act as shields for all kinds of damaging elements, from the sun to tree sap. If you take this step to protect your UTV, just make sure you opt for a cover that fits your particular model perfectly.