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CarCovers.com Announces Their 2014-2015 Fall Scholarship Recipient

By John Linden January 14, 2015 326 Views No comments

CarCovers.com Announces Their 2014-2015 Fall Scholarship Recipient For The “How To Make Your Car Last Forever” Essay Contest


Pittsburg, CA – E-commerce company CarCovers.com today announced the $1,000 scholarship winner for their fall 2014 – 2015 essay contest titled “How To make Your Car Last Forever.” This scholarship essay contest was open to all enrolled or active college age students across the US.

This was the first time in company history for the CarCovers.com to offer an open scholarship aimed at getting students to think outside of the box and get them to use more than just logic. The project's purpose was to help one lucky student with some financial assistance to help combat the ever rising cost of tuition.

These outstanding contest participants distinguished themselves as goal oriented, high achieving, and very creative individuals. Being creative and driven is a highly sought after trait for many employers when searching for new candidates to fill vacant positions” said Jonathan Volk, CEO of CarCovers.com “Our scholarship was designed to help those students seeking financial assistance to have fun and be as creative as they wanted, some of the essays made us laugh and all of them definitely gave us valuable insight into how the younger generation thinks about cars in general.”

This winter our lucky winner will be ahead of the pack and running full speed ahead with her creativity and her winnings. No matter what field of study she goes into she definitely has the right attitude for success!

CarCovers.com congratulates the following 2014 scholarship essay winner:

Payton Janney

Institution – St. Ambrose University Davenport Iowa

She wrote about her inspiration based on the 2005 Herbie and her own car Rupert a 1996 Buick Regal

"Please take care of Herbie. Whatever your problems he will help you solve them,” was on a note in a glove box in the 2005 remake of Herbie Fully Loaded. Yes, I know not many people own a car with a mind of its own but this quote does have some truth to it. Your car will take care of you if you take care of it."

We will be launching another Scholarship Contest towards the end of 2015. Stay tuned and in the mean time think of ways that you can make your car last forever.

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