Cars Types and Technology of The Future

The future is here and the future is now. With automotive technology rapidly evolving the automotive manufacturers of today are rapidly finding new and innovative ways to take advantage of the plethora of new and emerging tech options surfacing all around the industry.

Technology has started to evolve into robust applications that allow conventional thinking to test and try out new ways of doing things. Take for example smog related devices and how they evolved from a basic idea of how to improve the environment by reducing emissions beginning emitted into the atmosphere into an entire industry that governs the automotive industry.

The technological advancements have helped auto makers start thinking outside the box in terms of reinventing the way internal combustion engines operate, how their fuel is delivered, how fueling stations reduced raw hydrocarbons being emitted into the ozone layer of the atmosphere.

It's this same type of thinking that has caused auto manufacturers to “reinvent the wheel” and to come up with better technology, improved efficiency, increased manufacturing, and to the true innovators the concept car designers to let their creativity really shine through in their designs like never before.

The A List Players of Automotive Innovation

Elio Motors

Take for example the Elio Motor Cars, made here in the USA and at a fraction of the cost that other new vehicles are being sold for. Their biggest claim to fame is their touted “up to 84 MPG, and starting at $6,800 USD with safety features built right in.

This is one way to effectively use manufacturing, engineering and technology to make a huge impact in our world. This company has so many benefits with the way it is run, it's philosophy, and with no shortage of creativity the only way for Elio Motors to go is onward and upward with innovation. They may not have the latest tech gadgets and wizardry incorporated directly into their cars, but they are using cutting edge technology to grow their company.

Volkswagen And The Peoples Car Project

Here's a popular automotive manufacturer with lotys of pop culture appeal. VW has always IMO made themselves very attractive to various groups of both pop culture and subculture. Volkswagen has tried to appeal to more youthful automotive connoisseurs. Take for example their latest concept vehicle. An actual Hover Car... This car does not actually exist but the thought of a zero emission vehicle is sure strong in the hearts of many.

Here is a video of how the concept would work and travel.

The Hover Car is part of the Volkswagen's People's Car Project in China. You can definitely check out that project by reviewing the link.

Audi Takes Tech Makes it Timeless

As for other European Auto Manufacturers the approach with technology is more of a balance than a radical shift in design. Meet the Prologue from Audi. Trademark Audi elements are the round greenhouse, first seen in the early 1990s, and the "blisters" on the fenders, which resemble the first-generation Quattro. The Prologue concept moves away from the angularity and boxiness of the brand's most recent models, and some elements are downright playful, including the large chrome area behind the rear side windows, which is reminiscent of the 1970s Mercedes-Benz SLC, and the concave rear window, which reminds us of the piece on the recent, non-U.S. Citroën C6.

Let's Take The technology Off Road to the Race Track

If you want to see the latest technology being tested there is nothing short of seeing the latest models on the racetrack and road courses to get a feel for what is happening in the R&D areas of automotive manufacturing.

As Top Gear has recently revealed Ferrari has released a new Formula One race car that looks every bit as menacing as it is beautiful.

Do You Ever Wonder What The Future Will Bring

In my opinion new car concepts are what get me all giddy and feeling like a teenager with dreams of getting his first car. These concepts may be just ideas on a digital canvas but they are what's driving the future of automotive design and technology. Check out for more great pieces of brain candy. What about technology options for your vehicle today? Laser headlights, airless tires, self-parking all types of technology currently available today.

How About an Extra Terrestrial Vehicle

Imaging having the creative genius this auto manufacturer has to have to create such amazing vehicles. Enter Michael Vetter a man who builds custom cars upon donated chassis from the buyer of their new fully custom, space aged vessel.

If you think that the ETVs were amazing to look at wait until you see the new generation of solar powered vehicles. they don't look like yore grandpa's invention any more.

With so much technology and innovation just with design and the accessories, on board control systems, navigational systems, On Star (TM) and other vehicle operations and communications system we sometimes wonder how far technology will take us? What is next on the drawing board?

Flying cars. electromagnetic levitation engines, autonomous driving cars? drop us a comment and let us know what type of technology you'd like to see in your car in the new editions.