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How to get your UTV ready for summer fun

The excitement is in the air, the temperatures have warmed up, the sun is shining and the snowpack is melting. You're full of excitement and anticipation like a little kid on Christmas morning who is eagerly waiting for everyone to get up so you can go open presents.

You get dressed and run out to the garage, you quickly remove your UTV cover, and immediately you start staring at your UTV with that googly-eyed adoring look, your eyes meet the shiny finish of your clean and shiny UTV. She's as beautiful now as she was when you covered her up for the long winter season last fall.


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You've anticipated this moment since you heard that winter had officially ended and spring was in full effect. You've spent many sleepless nights worrying if your UTV is really going to be protected under its cover. Now that that weight has been removed from your shoulders, it's time to get ready for fun in the sun.

Here are a few tips to get your UTV ready to ride for the summer:

  1. You've got to start from the ground up. Check your air pressure to ensure adequate pressure is in all 5 tires including the spare tire. No one wants to get left stranded out in the middle of the dunes.
  2. You'll want to jack up your UTV and then check the wheel bearings, spin each tire, listen for grinding or any odd noises. The last thing you want is to seize or break a bad bearing.
  3. Next, reattach any disconnected battery cables, make sure you have clean and solid connections. Don't leave any loose connections at the terminals.
  4. You'll also want to take the time to inspect the brake pads, brake lights, and head/taillights too.
  5. Check all air and fuel filters to ensure they are clean and not in need of replacement.
  6. Inspect all fuel lines, rubber hoses and belts. Look for cracking, leaking, or any visible signs of wear that need attention.
  7. Check the cooling system, power steering system, engine and transmission oils to be sure all levels are full and at their correct fluid level. Now's a great time to service the engine oil & filter before you leave on your trip.
  8. Check your suspension, shocks, and CV joint boots for tears, leaks and exposed bearings.


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Now that you’ve inspected your UTV and determined it’s ready for some hard riding, you are ready for some fun and excitement. Be sure to keep yourself healthy and safe while playing in the hot summer sun.

  1. Pack plenty of water and keep it accessible in the UTV, hot sun, winds and dry heat is a great recipe for dehydration.
  2. Pack your safety gear, helmets, leather jackets, boots, gloves, goggles or sunglasses too.
  3. Don't push yourself too hard, Allow ample time for breaks and cooling off periods.

When the ride is over and you are on your way home, remember UTV owners do not have to fear not being able to protect your toy from the harsh seasonal elements. With a quality UTV cover, you have a great solution to protect your UTV all season long.

Simply unload the trailer, wash or wipe down the dirt, dust, and debris from your UTV, then after it is all dry and ready to put away, throw your UTV cover back on your toy to keep it looking fresh and ready for the next fun run.,/div>

May 8, 2019
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