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Introducing Our Latest Product - Sleek, Sexy Black Satin Indoor Motorcycle Covers And Scooter Covers introduces its all-new Black Satin Shield Motorcycle Cover lineup to motorcycle buffs all around the nation. This new line of motorcycle covers has our customers raving about these awesome high-quality indoor dust covers. Let's face it, you don't want to have dirt and dust all over your showpiece all winter long, you've worked hard at bringing your pride and joy back to life and it deserves to be treated and pampered like royalty. Black Satin Shield Motorcycle Cover is the highest customer rated and best-received product line to date. With an incredible 10 year warranty, your classic ride, sportbike, big dog touring road king or daily driver won't be left sitting in a cold and dark garage. Instead, it will be covered in a sleek and snug cover staying safely protected from whatever is lurking about in your garage or storage facility.

Summertime for many a rider is when the fun begins. We roll out the iron horse, dust off the chrome, wax the tank and spend countless hours polishing them up before we even think about getting caught riding out on the open road. We spend the weekend preparing our precious bikes for the grueling dog days of summer. Dreaming about far-off destinations, adventure rides in our own local hometown area and day escapes for that feeling that just can't be explained to a non-motorcyclist. Read full article here

April 5, 2019
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