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The Best ATV Accessories

9 Best ATV Accessories

9 Best ATV Accessories

Buying an ATV is an investment. Besides the quad, you also need accessories to go with it. These add-ons should address issues during transport, use, and storage.

The best ATV accessories are made of durable and weatherproof materials. Plus, they're designed for safety, protection, and comfort while giving optimum performance.

Here's a roundup of ATV accessories you need:

1. Foldable Loading Ramps

You can't just drive anywhere on your ATV. So, to get to a designated area, you have to load it on your truck or trailer. A set of foldable loading ramps is essential in such cases.

The best kinds in the market boast an aluminum construction. This component makes them lightweight and thin, with outstanding durability.

Additionally, many ramps feature an arched design, which enables better weight distributions. Hence, improving the loading capacity.

If you're getting one, check the joints and hinges. Some are manually welded and may cause quality issues that can compromise safety.

2. Tire Repair Kit

Your ATV is ready for rough terrain. However, you shouldn't discount the possibility of a flat tire from trail debris, nails, and thorn bushes.

These situations make a tire repair kit one of the best accessories to have. Since you can't bring a huge spare tire everywhere, it'll come in handy. You'll find your tire up and running in no time.

An excellent tire repair kit is compact and complete with plugs, patches, an inflator, and tools. Other options include a carbon dioxide (CO2) cylinder for airing your tires.

3. ATV Cover

Your ATV is subject to regular wear and tear. Apart from use, storage plays a great deal in keeping it in tip-top shape. So, whether you place your vehicle indoors or outdoors, an ATV cover is an important accessory.

That said, leaving it uncovered subjects it to external conditions, such as harmful UV rays, strong winds, and heavy rains. Inside your home, dust, moisture, bugs, and blunt objects can impart damage.

The best ATV cover protects against these factors using high-quality material. Plus, buy one that has a unique fit for your quad. This way you get optimized weatherproofing.

4. Winch

ATVs can take you on adventures in muddy, rocky, snowy, and sandy places. Sometimes, you'd find your ATV stuck in these.

Getting this heavy vehicle out of that ditch becomes easier and faster with a winch. This accessory consists of a rope wound in a drum, with an electrical or hydraulic system.

Before acquiring one, you should consider your ATV's weight along with all the necessities and accessories you'll load.

Usually, you'll need a winch with a loading capacity that's 30-50% more than the Gross Vehicle Weight. You also have to factor in the right suspension that can support the load.

5. Recovery Strap

To aid in the recovery of your ATV, you'd need a high-strength, rigid, yet elastic strap. The main aspect to look for is the pulling strength. At least four times your ATV's loading capacity will keep you on the safe side.

In your search for the best accessory, you'll likely encounter polyester and nylon options. The suitable choice boils down to your needs.

Polyester straps are characteristically more rigid. Thus, they're mainly used for slow and controlled recovery.

Nylon straps, on the other hand, are more elastic. If you see stretch and recoil features, then this is most probably the material used. However, the coil is high on energy. When it snaps, it can potentially damage your ATV.

Other things to look for in a recovery strap are color for visibility, plus protective sheets that strengthen both ends.

6. Hand Guards

One of the best and cheapest accessories for your ATV is a set of handguards. These will give substantial protection for your hands, particularly when used together with gloves.

Most handguards come in hard-strength plastics, aluminum, or a mix of these materials. This composition gives a balance of durability, flexibility, and rigidity.

They can be installed quickly and mounted on handlebars giving full coverage. With a wide variety in the market, you can even customize it.

7. Rear Storage

A rear storage box is a great addition to your ATV. It gives you extra space for food, drinks, tools, emergency kits, and your activity gear.

There are plenty of designs to choose from. These include well-built, rigid boxes made with stainless steel components. The compartments are housed in impact-resistant polyethylene materials.

Alternatives to these boxes are cargo bags that are softer but also durable. Typically, they're constructed using 600D nylon material. These are reinforced with special powder coatings meant to endure rugged conditions.

Some rear storage also comes with a lounger or backrest. This provides comfort if you're planning to have someone tag along.

Overall, get one that's good for heavy-duty purposes, while keeping your desired capacity and weight in mind.

8. Tool Kit

You'll never know when your ATV will break down. So, you need to be ready for anything, including mechanical issues. To do that, you have to bring a tool kit with you at all times. This accessory comes in handy, too, for DIY maintenance works.

One of the things you need is a set of wrenches for bolting. To go with this, is a torque wrench that ensures you don't overtighten.

An axle wrench is also necessary for the rear axle and swinger connection. The nut may come loose anytime and this wrench can work on that.

Other essentials you need to include are vice grips, pliers, and screwdrivers.

9. Phone Mount

If you're treading unfamiliar terrain or you just want to stay connected, then a phone mount will be beneficial. This will help with GPS/mapping. If you enjoy streaming music, this works well too.

A value-for-money option is a mount with high-strength stainless steel legs and supportive plastic pads. They're also corrosion-resistant, so they're able to withstand harsh conditions.


The best ATV accessories provide you with added comfort, safety, protection, and accessibility. They help keep your device in excellent condition as well.

Make sure you get highly durable materials that can withstand rough terrain just as much as your ATV can handle. While at it, invest in your protective gear too.

December 30, 2022
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