10 Best Car Care Apps for iOS

10 Best Car Care Apps for iOS

Written By: John Linden

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, how many of us have forgotten to change our oil, check our transmission fluid levels, or take our vehicles in for a much needed checkup? Many of the most common problems we run into with our trasportation usually comes down to neglect.

Thankfully, there are apps that help you track vehicle maintenance and costs. iPhone and iPad car maintenance apps provide a medley of information that will keep you on top of your car's maintenance schedule all year long. They make you aware of what parts need regular maintenance, in-depth fuel tracking, and much more. Let's take a look at the top 10 iOS car care apps.

1) Car Minder Plus

Price: $2.99

Car Minder Plus is a great iOS app that does a fantastic job of tracking your fuel economy and logging your repairs. The app tracks the amount of fuel you're consuming and can log multiple vehicles. Car Minder Plus will also warn you of potential problems by analyzing stored service history. Therefore the app can identify potential issues that may arise in the future. 

2) AUTOsist

Price: Free

AUTOsist stands out for its ability to convert and share files so that you can view your vehicle's most vital information on multiple devices. You can log fuel consumption, repair fees, and other essential functions to ensure your car is running in top form. As mentioned before, you can convert and share the logged information as a PDF, allowing you to view it across multiple devices such as computers and tablets. The app also allows you to export your data in excel spreadsheet format.

You can also set reminders to keep you focused on servicing your vehicle when needed (such as reminding you to change your oil). AUTOsist is a multifunctional app that makes it easy to view your car's stats with convertible files. As a final bonus, all data is backed up on the web portal autosist.com/portal.

10 Best Car Care Apps for iOS

3) Fuelly

Price: Free

Fuelly is an iOS car care app that lets you track your vehicle's maintenance records and fuel economy. Fuelly generates charts and figures to help the user keep track of gas expenses, maintenance fees, MPG and more. Ultimately, you'll know exactly what you're spending on your vehicle at all times.

You can even set up custom reminders so you'll be notified when you should rotate your tires or change your oil. Furthermore, you can manage more than one vehicle at a time One of Fuelly's best features is its ability to sync information with fuelly.com. Therefore you can track your vehicle's information whether you're using the app or not.

4) AutoExp

Price: $9.99

AutoExp is one of the more convenient language friendly apps. It supports German, French, English, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Ukrainian, Spanish and more. AutoExp does a fantastic job of tracking the statistics of your vehicle on detailed charts which allows for easy visualization.

You can set reminders to keep you up to date with vital maintenance needs such as changing your oil, checking your brake pads and more. Though it's the most expensive app on this list, it provides fantastic value for its price tag.

5) Car Xpense Lite

Price: Free

Car Xpense Lite is one of the more customizable and user-friendly iOS car care apps out there. You can manage all of your needs quickly and easily with the swipe of a finger. You can track maintenance fees, service needs, and expenses. One of the most distinctive features of Car Xpense Lite is its ability to create unlimited customized sub-categories allowing you to track your vehicle in a variety of ways.

The app has a fantastic feature that locates all of the businesses in your area where you can go in to service your vehicle. With the app's user-friendly interface, you can reign in your spending by tracking the amount of money you've spent on a monthly and even yearly basis. Car Xpense Lite can track more than one vehicle and has a backup feature that allows you to protect your stored data in the event of a crash.

6) Car Costs Complete

Price: $1.99

Car Costs Complete excels when it comes to unique features. It supports units such as kilometers, miles, liters, gallons (US or UK) as well as km, mpg and much more. Plus, the app is compatible with more than 100 currencies. Thus, you can calculate vehicle costs all around the globe.

You can also track distance, expenses, fuel data, and fuel economy. The app also generates up to eight charts that offer a variety of useful information.


Price: Free

If there's an app on this list that you're most likely to recognize, this is likely the one. myCARFAX excels when it comes to tracking multiple vehicles. You can track up to 8 vehicles at a time which will make you the go-to person in your family and circle of friends when it comes to tracking vehicle maintenance. This app tracks service history and auto repair. It also keeps track of your filters, brakes, oil, tires and future inspections.

You can even identify local repair shops and get an estimate on repair fees. Plus, myCARFAX notifies you when you should service your vehicle.

8) Drivvo

Price: Free

Drivvo excels at calculating fuel mileage. This is largely in part to its fuel mileage calculator, a tool that greatly helps you to stay on top of your spending when it comes to fuel costs. Drivvo's fuel calculation is very in-depth. The app generates statistics that break down cost relative to distance driven, what you spend every day/month/year, and cost per category (fuel, repairs, etc.). Drivvo makes it easier than ever to view important information in a separated and orderly fashion.

Plus, you can export files in Excel and CSV formats which allows you to view it on other devices such as computers and tablets. Drivvo makes it easy to backup your information with cloud storage. Though Drivvo is free to download, you won't be able to use the app's full capabilities without upgrading to the pro version. Plans include $0.99, $2.99, and $5.99 annual subscriptions. The more expensive the plan, the more features you'll unlock.

9) VehiCal

Price: Free

VehiCal is the app you turn to if you're a stickler for managing every expense associated with your vehicle. Not only will you be able to manage your mileage, but you'll also be able to record expenses associated with both personal and business use. This can be useful come tax time, especially if you run your own business.

VehiCal comes with a variety of lists that can be customized. Such lists range from parking costs to highway tolls. Plus, you'll always stay on top of your gas consumption with tracking that includes the amount you pay at the pump, fuel economy, and up to date gas prices.

10) myFuelLog

Price: $1.99

myFuelLog is one of the more hassle-free options. As the name implies, it specializes in tracking fuel consumption so you can stay on top of your spending every time you pull up to the pump. Not only can you input information, but you can also delete the fuel logs you don't need as well as edit information to ensure accuracy.

You'll also be offered statistics on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis to give you a grand view of your spending habits. myFuelLog is compatible with a variety of languages that include French, Dutch, Catalan, English, Italian and more.

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