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Building a DIY Truck Bed Storage System

Writer John Linden

Have some spare time and looking for a new project? How about building a DIY truck bed storage system? Not only will doing so save you a lot of money compared to buying a new one, but you can customize it to your own liking as well. There are a lot of reasons to install a truck bed storage system. Some of these include keeping your items from rolling around to ensure they don’t get damaged. Staying organized, which will save you time searching for them on the job site. As well as being able to look back in pride at a job well done.

The great thing about this particular DIY project is that it doesn’t require much to complete. Here’s what we suggest:



Ready to get started? Expect to spend about half a day (including prep and paint drying). Let’s build a truck bed storage system.

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Take Your Time to Measure and Design before You Start Building

The last thing you want is to wing it, which is how you end up with a shoddy end result. By measuring the area, you ensure the final product will fit snug. Which keeps things from moving around and shifting as you’re headed out to the job site. Start by using your tape measure to sketch out a design. Be sure to take into account things like toolboxes, wheel wells, 5th wheel hitches, or any other accessories that might become an issue.

Can you imagine finishing and noticing your design doesn’t accommodate all your tools and gear? You might consider laying out your items and designing the truck storage system around them. There’s no rush, be sure to take your time planning it out. Once you’ve completed the measuring and design step, it’s time to start building.


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Start Building the Truck Bed Storage System

Time to put on those safety glasses, just because you call yourself a handyman doesn’t mean you’re immune to getting hurt. The previously mentioned sheets of 1/2 inch plywood will serve as the base and cover. For added durability, you might consider using 3/4 inch plywood. For this particular design, we’ll incorporate long drawers. Each separated and supported by vertical dividers, with wing-boxes on each side for ease-of-access.

Start by cutting the plywood with the table saw according to your previously taken measurements. Use the chalk line to label the location of the dividers. You should be able to use leftover plywood for the dividers, but it doesn’t hurt to have an extra sheet available. Cut them using the miter saw and attach them using wood glue. Be sure to factor in an extra 1/2 inch on each side of the drawer to account for the width of the plywood (3/4 of an inch for 3/4 inch plywood).

With the dividers joined to the base, go ahead and lay the cover on top and attach it using the drywall screws. Then flip it over and do the same to secure the other side.


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Build the Drawers and Wing Boxes

Using what is left of the plywood, it’s time to get started on the drawers and wing boxes. Start by laying the base of each drawer on the ground and attach the sides using wood glue and/or exterior screws. Then, connect the end pieces the same way. If you want to add separate sections to any of the drawers, now’s the time to do so using leftover pieces of plywood.

For the wing boxes, they should fit between the bed of the truck and the storage system. You should be able to just slide them in. Construct them, using wood glue, and use a hammer or nail gun to attach the plywood into place.

With those completed, be sure to check the drawers by sliding them in and out. It’s better to make adjustments now than to realize they don’t fit right when you’re out on a job site.


Feel Accomplished?

You should! While others went and spent $1,000 or more, you made one yourself for a fraction of the cost. What’s next? Only time will tell. Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoyed our guide to building a DIY truck bed storage system.