What is Right for Your Truck

Tundra Cover Choices: What is Right for Your Truck

Written By John Linden

Choosing the right Toyota Tundra cover for your truck can be a complicated decision, but it doesn’t have to be. You have two main options: either a soft or hard Tundra cover. To pick between the two, you need to know the benefits of each and what to expect with either design. You want your tonneau cover to protect the cargo in your truck bed and keep your belongings safe from the elements or thieves. To make the best decision, let’s take a look at the best Tundra cover choices for you.

Benefits of Hard-Top Tonneau Covers

There’s no question that hard tonneau covers provide the most reliability and structure. These covers are constructed from metal, hard plastic or fiberglass. It effectively converts your truck bed into a lockable safe.

It’s also possible to order a hard-top tonneau cover that’s ready for paint or already painted. This allows you to match your truck seamlessly, without much effort.

Downside of Hard-Top Tonneau Covers

One of the main disadvantages of a hard-top cover is the additional weight. This style is much heavier than a folding or soft-top tonneau.

In addition, this style often requires gas struts to close or open. This adds to the expense of the Tundra cover. If you plan to haul oversized items, you might have to remove your top to accommodate it.

Benefits of Soft-Top Tonneau Covers

Just like the hard-top tonneau cover, the soft style provides reliable protection from dust, UV rays, snow and rain. There are also some locking devices you can opt for that will deter theft.

Depending on what type you purchase, you can also find a Tundra cover that features innovative technology that allows for easy open or close. Simply push a button and it will retract automatically. This feature creates an easier to use setup than the hard-top tonneau cover.

On top of that, soft-top covers are built out of durable materials and provide a sleek appearance. You can easily match your tonneau cover to your truck bed liner for a customized look.

Downside of Soft-Top Tonneau Covers

The biggest disadvantage of a soft truck bed cover is it’s easier to get inside. This might be good for you, but it’s not good if you want to protect valuables from thieves. There are additional ways to protect your cargo with a soft-top cover, but it won’t compare to the security that comes from a hard-top cover.

Can I Lock a Tonneau Cover?

This brings us to our first concern; can you lock your Tundra truck bed cover? Security should be one of the main priorities to you when deciding what product to purchase. Many soft tonneau covers protect the cargo in your truck bed by keeping everything out of sight. It also protects your gear from the elements, but there isn’t much resistance against thieves.

Still, the soft cover keeps the low-level thief from picking something out of the truck bed.

A hard-top truck bed cover, on the other hand, stands up much better against thieves. When paired with a locked tailgate, this cover keeps your belongings secure since you have to release the cover from the underside.

Some covers do offer a built-in lock, which is a valuable tool if you are concerned about security. If you can afford to get a model with this feature, it’s worth considering.

What Does a Tundra Truck Bed Cover Look Like?

Both soft and hard covers provide a different look to your Toyota truck. With a soft cover, you receive a uniform, smooth look. Most soft covers are black. Hard covers feature panels that are often textured or vinyl covered. The truck tends to be more durable and rugged-looking with a hard tonneau cover.

The other difference between the two is the profile. Most soft covers sit about an inch or two above the bed side rails. The hard, folding or rolling cover provides a lower or flush profile. It sits just slightly above the bed side rails.

Can I Use the Truck Bed With a Cover?

Various latching styles make it simple for you to get inside the truck bed than some others. If you purchase a soft cover with the snap format, you will have to put forth more effort to get into the bed. One of the best options is to choose a folding cover that latches to the side rails if you want to get to cargo. Another option is the hard, retractable choices. Some modern styles also come with a remote that enables it to retract faster than ever before.

What’s the Cost Difference Between Soft and Hard Tonneau Covers?

If you want the most economical way to protect your truck bed, then the soft tonneau is the best solution for you. Most Tundra cover choices range from $300 to $1,000. In comparison, the hard cover ranges anywhere from $500 to $3,000, depending on the style and features. Yes, the hard cover provides more protection, but many people find that it doesn’t fit their budget.

Of course, if security is a vital aspect for your cargo, then you might not want to skimp on your truck bed cover. You want to balance all of the available features plus the cost when making your decision.

What Other Truck Bed Accessories Work With a Tundra Cover?

Before you pick out a Tundra bed cover, you need to evaluate the compatibility with other accessories. If you currently use ladder racks, toolboxes or other truck bed accessories. Many of these items install in the same spot as the tonneau cover, making it harder to choose the right option. Some tonneau covers also clamp to the inside bed side rail. If your ladder rack or accessories install at the top of the bedside rail, you have a better chance of finding a compatible tonneau cover.

If you can, it makes sense to purchase a truck bed cover that comes as a system. These compatible systems come with toolboxes or ladder racks meant to work with the cover.

What Tundra Cover Choice is Right for You?

After looking at the evaluation between the various truck bed covers, we hope you can see which option works best for you. Do your research and pick what suits your needs the best. Choose something that provides the protection you need at a price you can afford.

Featured Image Credit: BBlanck / Pixabay