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Ford FAQs

Ford FAQs

Written By: John Linden

1) Why should I get my car serviced at a Ford Dealer / Authorized repairer?

Everyone has their favorite neighborhood mechanic, but if you want to ensure with 100% certainty that your vehicle will be taken care of you should stick with a Ford dealer or authorized repairer. They have certifications to specifically work on Fords, with tools specific to Ford vehicles such as computerized equipment and more.

2) Where can I buy Ford accessories?

You can find Ford accessories at most dealerships across the United States. Talk to your local dealer to learn more about the accessories you can find for your vehicle.

3) What's the difference between 7 and 13 pin electrical connectors for a tow bar?

7 pin electrical connectors contain the necessary amount of connectors to ensure the lighting system on your trailer works without any issues. The 13 pin connector, on the other hand, comes equipped with additional connectors to power special equipment such as reversing lamps, leisure battery charging, cabin lighting, and more.

4) What does "city crash tested" mean?

The city crash test implies that your Ford (and accessories) has been tested with a method that complies with ISO 11154 and DIN 75302 standards. The test involves simulating a frontal car accident traveling at speeds of at least 16 km/h which exposes the vehicle and its accessories to extreme forces of around 8Gs.

5) Why should I buy Ford accessories?

Not only do accessories enhance your Ford, but they're also made of high-quality material meaning they'll last for the long haul. Ford accessories are rigorously tested to meet the highest safety standards. 

6) Why are Ford supplier branded products recommend?

Branded products are recommended to ensure only the highest quality products are used at all times.

7) Where can I get my car serviced?

Reach out to your local Ford dealer or authorized repairer to find the best location near you where you can take your vehicle in for repairs.

8) What's the benefit of using Ford original parts?

When you first purchase your Ford, it comes equipped with 100% original parts that are designed to work together perfectly. Using parts that don't fit the criteria of your Ford could change how the vehicle performs overall. When you use original parts, it reduces the fitting time it takes for technicians to work on your vehicle. Ford original parts also maximize the value and performance of the vehicle.

9) Why should I buy alloy wheels for my Ford?

Simply put, alloy wheels add elegance and style to your Ford. You can choose from a range of styles that are composed of high-quality material -- chromed, machined, silver, or grey.

10) How often should I get my car serviced?

Refer to your service manual to learn how often you should get your vehicle served.

11) Should I buy a Ford Car Cover to protect my Car?

If you purchase a Ford Car Cover to cover your car, it will ensure that your car remains in as close as perfect condition as it was when it was protected and covered in the Ford showroom.

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