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The Proper Way To Install Your Car Covers In Less Than A Minute

Written By: John Linden

Anytime you leave your vehicle parked outside, it’s vulnerable. Bird droppings, tree sap, and various weather elements can really do a number to your paint job. You’d be amazed at just how well a quality van cover can help keep your car in pristine condition. Unfortunately, most vehicle owners think that putting on a car cover is too much work and decide to leave their vehicle exposed. The truth of the matter is, once you learn how to properly use a car cover, putting it on and taking it off is a snap. Here are a couple of easy steps to ensure the installation of your car cover goes smoothly.

Putting On Your Car Cover

  • First, remove the cover from its packaging.
  • Locate the tag labeled “front” on the inside of your car cover. Once this is done, simply secure the cover to the front bumper.
  • Carefully pull the rest of the cover over the vehicle. Depending on the type of vehicle, you might have to pull the cover over in phases, going from the driver’s side to the passenger side to prevent it from bunching up.
  • Once the cover is comfortably resting on the roof of your vehicle, pull it back the rest of the way and secure it to the rear bumper.
Note - If the antenna on your vehicle is not retractable, you’ll want to mark the placement of the antenna on your cover and then apply a self-adhesive patch to the area. Once this is done, carefully puncture, or cut a hole in middle of the patch for your antenna to go through.

Selecting The Right Cover For Your Particular Vehicle

When searching for car covers, you will find that they are available in multiple sizes, styles, and materials. Therefore, it is important to focus more on the how the cover will be used verse the cost. Case in point, if your vehicle stays parked in the garage, an indoor car cover is going to be your best bet. If you do not have a garage and leave your vehicle outside exposed to the elements, you are going to need to look at outdoor car covers. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for Hyundai car covers, Honda car covers, Mazda car covers or a Lexus cover, we’re sure to have exactly what you are looking for, even Jeep Wrangler car covers. Our custom car covers are specifically made to fit the make and model of your vehicle. On a tight budget? That’s ok, because our universal car covers can fit into almost any budget and provide you with the much-needed protection you are looking for.
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