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Why Use a Car Cover?

Writer - John Linden

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Your car is one of your most expensive possessions. Even if you purchased it used, it’s still a vital part of your life. Without it, getting around would be much more difficult, if not impossible. Your car gives you freedom, so why wouldn’t you want to protect it as much as possible? Car damage and vehicle theft can occur anywhere, but using outdoor custom car covers, may protect your vehicle from both. Here are a few reasons why you should use a car cover.

Vehicle Damage Statistics

Storms can occur anywhere and almost at any time. You never know when a severe storm is going to sweep in and damage your car. Hail, tornadoes, high winds, hurricanes, ice storms, and heavy snow can all lead to damage to your car. Get your car a storm or hail resistant car covers. According to statics from the Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association, storms accounted for about 75% of all vehicles considered a total loss in 2012. Winter storms were responsible for the majority of the damage, but mudslides, wind, flooding, hail, and fire all contributed.

Protect Your Car From Potential Weather Damage

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Fortunately, using a car cover can provide a good amount of protection for your vehicle. When the wind blows, even if it’s just a light wind, it can blow twigs, small pebbles, and dirt against your car. It might not be visible, but this does damage your car. The abrasions of the dirt and other debris can, over time, start to wear down your vehicle’s brilliant paint job, leaving it looking dull and worn.

Of course, light wind is the least damaging type of weather. During storms, you’ll have heavy winds blowing larger branches at your car, plus there’s the heavy rain, the hail, and, in the event of a tornado or hurricane, whatever objects are lying around. Your car can take a serious beating during these storms, but a car cover will prevent a good portion of it. As long as a tree doesn’t fall on your car or a tornado pick it up and turn it upside down, your car cover will keep it safe.

A car cover is even useful in the summer. The direct sunlight and the heat can cause your interior to start to degrade, plus it can make getting into your car a painful task—the steering wheel and anything metal can get incredibly hot. So you’ll want to continue your car cover during the warmer months, too. The ultraviolet rays from the sun can also cause damage to your car. The exterior paint will start to fade, plus your upholstery can fade, too. The plastic of your dashboard may even be weakened so much by being in the direct sun that it starts to crack.

Protect against Theft and Vandalism

But car covers do more than just keep your car safe from the weather. They also offer vehicle theft protection. When a thief sees a car under a cover, they realize a couple of things. The first is that they have no idea if your car is worth the risk. Yes, people are more likely to cover very expensive cars, but because every car benefits from a cover’s protection, there’s also a chance that they will get your car cover off only to discover that you drive an older vehicle that isn’t worth the risk they’ve just taken.

The fact that they have to get the car cover off is a deterrent by itself. It takes time, and the more time that the thief is out in the open, the more likely it is that someone will notice him and call the authorities.

Even if someone doesn’t want to steal your car, there’s always the chance that they will bust out a window and take whatever you have inside it. A car cover keeps the contents of your vehicle hidden from casual observers, so there’s less of a chance someone will decide they need to get into your car and steal your shopping bags, stereo, or anything else.

Other General Benefits of Using a Car Cover

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In addition to protecting your car from the weather and from thieves, a car cover has a few other practical uses. It can keep insects off of your car, for one thing. Some insects will try to nest in your vehicle’s tailpipe, under the hood, and anywhere else they can gain access. A car cover will help keep them out of your vehicle.

Animals may also try to get into your car or on your car. By using a car cover, you’ll protect the hood and roof from scratches. Cats especially love to get on top of cars, but squirrels and other animals may jump onto the hood as well. Their tiny claws can easily damage your paint job.

Then there are birds. If you have to park outdoors under a tree, it’s very likely that your car will get a few drops of bird excrement on it if you don’t cover it. It’s also possible that you’ll get tree sap on your vehicle, too. Car covers can easily be washed or wiped off, so there’s no need to worry about keeping them clean.

Finally, a car cover stops people from easily damaging your car. They won’t be able to walk along side it and scratch it up with their keys, for example, or break off the hood ornament or side mirrors. While you would hope people wouldn’t do this out of respect for your property, people do.

A car cover is a small investment in both money and time, but as you can see, it offers protection from a variety of different issues. It’s well worth it.

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