4 Ways a Car Cover Can Help Protect Your Tires

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Whether it’s a classic car or simply your go-to vehicle for getting around town, your car is a valuable part of your assets. You need to keep it in the best condition possible for safety, resale value, and overall aesthetics and comfort. Your tires are especially important because they’re the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road. Although tires are incredibly durable, they can still wear out faster if they aren’t well taken care of. Whether you’re parking indoors or outdoors, a car cover is vital for protecting your car’s exterior and tires from the elements. Here are four ways car covers can protect your tires from unnecessary wear and tear while it’s parked.

1. Blocking Moisture and Dirt

Driving around with dirt on your tires is unsightly. When that dirt turns into mud, it can easily come off onto nearby surfaces. Plus, having mud or dirt on the inside of your wheel wells can trap debris and small stones that can scratch or dent the undercarriage, eventually causing small rust spots. Periodically washing your car as part of your car maintenance routine helps remove most buildup, but it’s still best to minimize the overall exposure as much as possible.

Your car can accumulate a surprising amount of dirt on it even when it’s sitting still, especially if you park it outside. The risk increases further in the spring or other rainy times of the year when mud, puddles, and overflowing storm drains are a chronic problem. Your car doesn’t have to be perfectly dry before putting a car cover on it, as long as you get a cover that’s water-resistant instead of waterproof. Waterproof covers can make it harder for dew and other trapped moisture to escape, and keeping water trapped against paint or bare metal inevitably causes damage. semi-custom Platinum Shield covers are made from a durable blend of polyester and polyurethane that is tightly woven to repel rain, dew, and snow, while still allowing moisture trapped underneath the cover to evaporate to prevent water stains, corrosion, and mold.


2. Reducing Heat and UV Exposure

UV treatments on most parts of cars have improved significantly in recent years. However, your tires are still vulnerable to sunlight, in part because they are black and absorb heat. Your tires may wear down faster when they are hotter, so hitting the road with tires that are already scorching hot may affect how many miles your treads last.

Your tires may also age faster if they are constantly exposed to harsh sunlight. Although the risk of damage may be higher in hot climates with long daylight hours, vehicles in any climate could experience rapid tire degradation if its usual parking spot is constantly in the sun. Getting one of the best car covers offers significant UV protection for your entire vehicle, including most of the tires. This difference is not as noticeable on your tires as it is on other parts of your vehicle, but it’s still important for getting the most out of your car.

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3. Protecting Against Snow and Ice

Just like heat, freezing temperatures can start to wear on your tires. Any time water freezes around a surface, it can cause slight damage, and your tires are no exception, despite their overall durability. Using a car cover protects against sleet, hail, snow, ice, and other winter weather. Not only does this protect against long-term wear and tear, but it also makes it easier to clean off your car and get it ready to drive after snowy weather. This is especially important if you live in areas where rapidly shifting temperatures can cause slush on the roads to refreeze, leading to dangerous driving conditions if your tires aren’t in ideal condition.

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4. Deter Bugs and Rodents

Tires are made of tough rubber, so they’re not as vulnerable to insects and rodents as the wires and hoses inside your car. However, in some cases, wasp and animal nests in the wheel well can be a nuisance to remove safely without damaging the tires. A car cover provides an additional barrier against creatures that may want to nest inside your wheel wells or the wheels themselves.

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Since car covers don’t reach the ground, they won’t stop a truly determined animal seeking shelter in your wheel wells. However, a tight-fitting cover usually impedes raccoons and cats from climbing up inside, especially if your car has large wheel wells that would otherwise attract curious animals.

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