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5 Best Mustang Car Covers

By Ryan Wegman
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5 Best Mustang Car Covers

The Ford Mustang is a legendary American car that has been a best-seller for generations. Anyone who owns this iconic machine understands the importance of upkeep to preserve their sports car’s condition, and there’s no better way to protect your Mustang than with a high-quality car cover. Here’s why a car cover is a wise investment, and a roundup of the five best Mustang car covers to help you protect your prized possession.



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Benefits of a Car Cover

Whether you’re a Mustang collector or simply want to keep your sports car at its best between cruises, using a high-quality car cover is a trusted way to safeguard a range of mustang body styles. If your Mustang spends most of the time outdoors, investing in an outdoor car cover can ensure the utmost protection from the elements. The more time your car spends outdoors, the more it’s subjected to sun exposure; harsh elements like wind, rain, snow; and unwanted debris like tree sap or animal droppings.

Using a hefty outdoor cover that’s weather-resistant can help prevent harm to your hot rod. If you store your Mustang indoors, getting an indoor car cover can go a long way toward protecting your car’s exterior from dust and other debris, as well as potential scratches and dings. Even when you store your Mustang in a garage or other storage space, it can come into contact with neighboring equipment or collect dust that could damage your perfect paint job. Using a well-fitted cover can eliminate some risks involved with indoor storage.

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Best Mustang Car Covers

No matter if you store your Mustang indoors or outside, here are the five best covers to protect your ride.

1.Platinum Shield Car Cover

The Platinum Shield cover provides your Mustang with the best all-around protection. This lightweight but durable cover offers maximum protection from the elements. Its breathable fabric prevents mold and mildew and fends off the rust while still offering premium leak protection and durability.

Made with a reflective polyester exterior, this platinum cover immediately repels water while providing UV-reflection to keep your car cooler under the sun’s rays. The multi-layered technology also protects your Mustang from dirt, tree sap, and other harmful debris, while the soft fleece lining preserves your paintwork.



2.Indoor Black Satin Shield Car Cover

Another top cover for your Mustang is the Black Satin Shield. This semi-custom cover is expressly designed for indoor use and is constructed from soft satin material, which provides excellent protection from dust and preserves your car’s clear coat finish. With double-stitched seams, you’ll get premium durability and an elastic hem that promises a tight fit all around the car’s body. When you buy this cover, you’ll also enjoy a 10-year limited warranty.

If you have a large spoiler on your Mustang, mention this to the team when you place your order, and you’ll get a cover that fits over the spoiler perfectly. You’ll also get a free storage bag and antenna patch with your purchase.

3.Ultimate Shield Car Cover

For year-round protection, the Ultimate Shield cover is an excellent choice for your Mustang. This cover offers all-season protection whether you store your car inside or outside. It’s weatherproof but breathable and comes with an inner fleece lining to keep your ride’s paint and finishes at their best.

Its multi-layered design means your Mustang will be protected from UV and heat damage, inclement weather, bird droppings, dust, sap, and more. The elastic hem will ensure a tailored and tight fit around the entire car, and it comes with reinforced grommets on both sides of the cover so you can use the complimentary cable and lock that come with your purchase to prevent theft and secure the cover in place. When you opt for this cover, you’ll enjoy a 10-year limited warranty, a free storage bag, and an antenna patch.

4.Deluxe Shield Car Cover

Like the Ultimate Shield cover, the Deluxe Shield cover is another go-to option for indoor and outdoor protection for your Mustang. This mid-range solution is perfect for high-moisture areas or sunny climates. On the inside, you’ll find a non-abrasive material that protects your car’s paint job, while the outer layer is chemically treated to withstand UV rays and harsh elements like rain, snow, and dirt. This cover comes with a 5-year warranty and free storage bag.

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5.Basic Shield Car Cover

If you’re looking for the most basic level of protection for your Mustang, the basic shield car cover is a superb choice for indoor storage. It’s stronger than competing indoor car covers yet comes at an affordable price. This non-abrasive polypropylene material is breathable and lightweight, and it provides ample protection against dirt, dust, and pollen.



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Invest in a Car Cover to Protect Your Mustang

Car covers offer an extra layer of protection for your Mustang and help you preserve its quality and value. No matter which year and model Mustang you drive, offers premium car covers that are tailored to fit and protect your ride. Explore our expansive collection online or call us at 800-385-3603 to find the perfect fit.

March 4, 2021
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