6 Reasons to Travel with a Car Cover

We all love our cars. Whether you purchased a practical, reliable vehicle to take that long commute every day or you finally invested in the car of your dreams, properly taking care of your vehicle prolongs its lifespan, improves its value, and protects its appearance. Using a car cover regularly is one way to maintain and care for your car.

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Your car’s exterior is often subject to harsh weather conditions and damage from falling objects and scratches. Providing an extra layer of protective coverage decreases the likelihood of damage to the paint job, windows, or mirrors. However, when traveling, you often do not have access to a carport or garage to give your vehicle the protection it needs. You can also get caught in freak storms on the road and need to pull over until the worst of it passes. When you’re on the road, you can still protect your car by taking along one of the best car covers available. Here are six of the benefits of traveling with a car cover stowed away every trip.

  1. Prevents Scratches and Abrasions
    Wherever you stop along your trip, dozens of possibilities exist to expose your car to potential damage in the way of scratches or abrasions. These can come from carts, bicycles, children playing, or even a stray cat wandering by. Avoid this by covering your car whenever parked. Ensure you choose a car cover that has a soft inner lining to protect against scratches. Poor-quality universal covers are often made from rough plastic, which can scratch your car in high winds.

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  1. Shields Against Dirt and Dust
    If you occasionally travel to a location where you park your car and don’t use it for two or three days, you know how much dust and dirt can accumulate. Dust and dirt not only deteriorate your car’s paint job but can also accumulate in door hinges, mirrors, and under the hood, potentially compromising the engine. Bring along a high-performance, non-woven fabric car cover to provide a resistant layer, blocking out dust and dirt. Ensure the car cover features an elastic hem and anchoring straps so it fits snuggly.
  2. Provides UV Protection
    Just like the skin on your body, a car’s outer layer is adversely affected by long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays. Whenever your car is sitting for prolonged periods in direct sunlight, enclose it with a UV-protectant car cover to protect the exterior paint from fading. As a bonus, covering your car also benefits the interior, protecting the dashboard and upholstery, so your vehicle continues to look newer for longer. It will also keep the inside of your car cooler when you do decide to climb behind the wheel again. Car covers in silver, white, or gray offer the best sun protection, as they reflect UV rays away from your car. Also, look for covers with an insulation layer for heat protection.
  3. Protects Against Natural and Environmental Elements
    The weather can alter in an instant and cause various damage to your car’s exterior. Constant downpouring of rain can lead to corrosion, while high winds can slam broken branches and other debris into your car, causing noticeable scratches and dents. The outdoors consist of numerous things that can damage your paint job, including sap accumulating on your hood or bird droppings raining down from above. Keep your car safe from environmental damage by bringing along an all-weather custom car cover designed to combat rain, wind, sun, and animals.
  4. Creates a Protective Barrier from Winter Hazards
    If you enjoy traveling to ski resorts or your favorite ice climbing and snowshoeing locations, you need a place to park your car. However, parking outdoors exposes your vehicle to various winter hazards.

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    Where there is hail, ice, or snow, you’re sure to find salt spread across roadways and parking lots. Salt is highly corrosive and, when combined with the high moisture content of winter elements, your car is vulnerable to rust. To help prevent this, use a car cover as often as possible during your travels.
  1. Deters Thefts
    While traveling, you often may find you need to leave your car in one place for many hours or days at a time. If you can clearly see what you have in the interior of your car, such as backpacks or packages, thieves may decide to break windows to snatch these items or use a pry bar or other damaging tool to break-in. However, if they can’t see in, they may be less likely to try and get inside. Using a car cover, you can also deter theft by hiding the identity of the make and model of your car, so potential thieves won’t know what is parked there. A car cover also requires additional time to remove if they decide to steal your car, making it a less likely candidate for a quick getaway.

Don’t Leave Home Without Your Car Cover

Whether your car is brand new or still in great shape after several years of ownership, protecting your investment while traveling can be as simple as carrying a custom car cover and using it often. Its use will also provide the peace of mind that your car is well taken care of, even if you have to leave it in one spot for a few days along the route.

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