7 of the Best RV Covers to Keep Your Camper Protected

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7 of the Best RV Covers to Keep Your Camper Protected

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After enjoying a long summer exploring the countryside in your RV, it is important to put your vehicle into long-term storage for protection. An RV cover is an excellent way to prolong the exterior of your RV. But not all RV covers offer full protection against the elements and debris. If you're interested in getting the best RV covers for your camper, here are our picks for the top seven RV covers available.

  1. RV Folding Pop Up Covers
    An RV pop-up camper is one of the most budget-friendly camping options available on the market. One of its distinct features is that the sides or top pop up when in use to create a more livable interior space. These canvas sides can be folded or collapsed for storage or transport.
    With an RV folding pop-up trailer car cover, you get 100% protection for your RV’s exterior. The covers protect your car’s paint job against sun damage, ensuring that UV rays don’t degrade the coating. It is constructed from lightweight microporous material that is waterproof yet breathable to prevent mildew. It comes with reinforced securing straps to keep your cover in place even during high winds and a zippered door entrance to give you easy access to the interior when necessary.
  2. Deluxe Shield Teardrop Trailer Car Cover
    Teardrop trailers have a classic camper profile with a curved roof and a compact size, ideal for one or two occupants. But this same space-saving shape also makes them challenging to cover properly. Poor-fitting universal covers can leave gaps that allow wind to blow debris inside the cover, damaging the paintwork.
    The Deluxe Shield Teardrop Trailer cover has a non-abrasive interior that’s gentle on your car’s paintwork while offering all-weather protection. Its built-in vents minimize wind stress and give you a mold-free living space. Adjustable tension panels and an elasticized rim provide a snug fit.
  3. Platinum Shield 5th Wheel Trailer RV Cover
    Protect your fifth-wheel trailer from the elements, dust, debris, and the sun’s UV rays. This type of RV offers a generous living space that can accommodate multiple guests on your camping adventure. However, these large RV trailers can be challenging to protect, as many universal cover styles won’t provide full coverage.
    The Platinum Shield 5th Wheel Trailer RV Cover is extra tall and long to protect every inch of your RV’s exterior from harsh weather. It boasts a durable RiPStop Polyester material that instantly repels rainwater, and its UV-reflective properties prevent sun damage.
  4. Deluxe Shield RV Truck Camper Cover
    The Deluxe Shield RV Truck camper cover is worth the investment as it’s durable, thanks to its anti-UV treatment. Its zippered panels let you effortlessly slip in and out of your RV doors and access the engine, while the integrated rope comes with a toss bag, minimizing the need to crawl under the camper when installing and removing the cover. The high-quality RV cover is designed to withstand the elements, so you don’t have to worry about exterior scratches and discoloration.
  5. Deluxe Shield Class A RV Cover
    A Class A RV is ideal when you’re traveling with a large family or multiple friends. It provides massive living space, but it also comes with a bigger exterior that needs protection against the elements. This Deluxe Shield Class A RV cover offers sufficient canopy to protect the interior and exterior of any 33’- to 37’-long RV, preventing damage from high heat. With the tension panels, you can adjust at the front and rear fit, while the canopy is easy to set up with an elastic rim to ensure a snug fit all around.
  6. Platinum Shield Class C RV Cover
    After giving your RV a beautiful exterior, you don’t want to let discoloration ruin the paint job and reduce your RV’s value. Protecting your RV with this 23’ to 26’ long Platinum Shield Class C cover ensures no water, snow, or moisture comes into contact with its exterior surface, causing damage. The UV-reflective material prevents paint job degradation, while the reinforced hems ensure a perfect fit and no leaks into the RV.
  7. RV Class B RV Car Covers
    A Class B RV boasts a compact, streamlined design similar to a van. It’s one of the most effortless motor homes to maneuver and offers a raised roof and dropped floor, giving you extra headroom. Whether you’re using a conversion camping van or any other type of Class B motorhome, there are customized Class B RV covers to meet your needs. Consider your RV size, which may be over 22 feet in some cases, based on the floor plan. Our Class B RV cover features a unique 3-layer design on top that insulates the exterior against heat damage while ensuring optimal breathability with a porous external layer to allow moisture to evaporate, preventing mold.


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