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Product Spotlight: Why We Love the Ultimate Shield Car Cover

By Ryan Wegman
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Product Spotlight: Why We Love the Ultimate Shield Car Cover


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Car covers are a valuable asset for any car owner. Although most think of them as specialty accessories for luxury and vintage vehicles, they can help protect any car’s value. Since they provide substantial protection from UV rays and inclement weather, they’re useful anywhere in the world.

Our Ultimate Shield car cover has the heaviest material of all our products. Its superior design and materials make it a stellar investment for anyone serious about protecting their car. It’s available in an enormous range of semi-custom car cover sizes so you can take care of your vehicles, no matter the make or model.

Durable Seams

The seams are the most difficult part of car covers to get exactly right. Poorly sewn seams can rub your car paint or even get caught on parts of your car as you pull it off. They can also allow water to leak through if they’re not tightly sealed. Ultimate Shield covers have ultrasonically welded seams for superior protection. They don’t allow water, snow, or dust through even under extreme conditions. This means you can leave your car covered outside without having to periodically check it for leaks.

Reinforced Grommets

Under certain conditions, strong sustained winds can tear off even the best car covers. Having grommets in your car covers makes it much easier to use cables or a gust strap for protection against wind and vandalism. Many car covers have grommets that easily tear away from the fabric or plastic. Thanks to careful design and engineering, Ultimate Shield covers have reinforced grommets that won’t rip, even in extreme wind conditions.

Protect Your Vehicle with a Quality Car Cover

Waterproof Yet Soft

Cheap outdoor-only covers are often optimized for water-resistance at the expense of softness. They’re not recommended for long-term indoor use because they can cause wear and tear on a car every time you remove them. Indoor-only covers trade fully waterproof material for a softer material designed to protect against dust and scratches but can’t be used outside without risking leakage.

Ultimate Shield covers have a waterproof polypropylene exterior layer and a soft yet durable fleece layer underneath for the ultimate balance of protection. You can pull the cover on and off with no fear of eroding the wax or other protective finishes on your car.

When something bumps against your car while it’s covered by the Ultimate Shield cover, the soft fabric reduces the likelihood of scratches and dents occurring. If you’ve ever struggled with how to get a dent out of a car, you know that cars are surprisingly fragile, and every bit of protection matters.


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Perfect Sizing

Poor sizing affects your car cover’s performance. Covers that are too large may blow off your car or allow bugs and rodents inside, while covers that are too small are a struggle to get on and off your car and do not offer adequate all-round protection.

You need a cover that’s snug yet easy to get on and off. Semi-custom covers cut to fit a specific make and model are a great value and provide a good balance of cost and coverage. Custom covers are even better since they can accommodate car modifications and permanent roof or truck attachments, and they are suitable for rare or vintage car models.

Like our other covers, Ultimate Shield car covers are available in semi-custom fits, and you can use our convenient online search tool to find the perfect size for your vehicle. The elastic at the front and back of each Ultimate Shield car cover makes it even easier to get a hassle-free fit.

Keep Your Car Safe with a Car Cover

Includes Accessories

Car covers work well on their own, but they’re much more useful when paired with the right accessories. The Ultimate Shield cover includes a storage bag that helps keep the cover clean and out of the way when not in use. A locking cable helps prevent theft and vandalism, and an antenna patch allows you to adjust the cover to fit over antennas, as needed. These accessories add enormous value to an already valuable purchase.


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Coverage for All Your Vehicles

The team at has worked hard to bring you the best car covers on the market. We understand the importance of protecting your car year-round without breaking your budget and that many people don’t have access to a garage. The Ultimate Shield car cover provides affordable yet stellar coverage year-round, thanks to its waterproof exterior, chemically treated outer layer, and soft fleece interior.

We make covers for motorcycles, SUVs, ATVs, RVs, limos, and other vehicles that can be hard to find covers for. Count on us for all your car protection needs, and call us if you have questions or custom requests.

March 18, 2021
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