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Should I Use a Car Cover in the Garage?

By Ryan Wegman
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Should I Use a Car Cover in the Garage?

Having a garage to store your vehicle gives you security against damage and theft. However, while a building gives you a permanent parking spot and defense against the elements, your car can still get harmed. Your automobile is susceptible to damage from moisture, pollen, dust, animals, and even other drivers in a garage. An indoor custom car cover is the ideal way to protect against any careless damage to your car’s exterior. Here are some ways that using a car cover can extend your vehicle’s life.

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Protects Your Car’s Value

Even if you don’t plan on selling, it’s always wise to protect your investment. Cars depreciate when they leave the showroom, but you can minimize the decline in resale price by covering the car with a custom car cover to protect against dings and scratches. An indoor car cover is also essential for protecting the value of vintage or classic cars, which have more sensitive internal components and fragile exteriors.

Safeguards Your Paint Job

Painting your car repeatedly is costly and time-consuming, but using the combination of a garage and custom indoor car cover can extend your paint job’s life, saving you money in the long run.

Your car’s clear coat is the most susceptible to dust damage indoors, so, at, we offer a black satin indoor car cover that features ultra-soft stretch material that is ideal for protecting the fragile clear coat on your car.

Prevents Damage from Garage Hazards

There are many threats to your car’s exterior, even when you keep it safely in your garage. Animals looking for a winter nest or your pets playing in the garage, an avid metal-working enthusiast, or storage of chemicals or cleaning fluids all pose potential threats to your vehicle. The best way to protect your car against these threats is with a custom car cover.

Ideal for Long-term Storage

Corrosion because of moisture not only damages your car paint but also erodes the chassis underneath and affects engine components. Some garages and long-term storage units are prone to leaks and precipitation build-up. A custom car cover features specialized ventilation details and breathable material that allows moisture to evaporate away from your vehicle’s exterior while protecting it from drips, pipe leaks, and spills.

Protects Against Other Drivers

If you live in a tenanted building with a parking spot, your car may get dinged and dented by another resident’s vehicle. Using a custom car cover protects your automobile from the carelessness of others.

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Indoor vs. Outdoor Covers

There are two types of covers you can use to protect your automobile, even when it’s in a garage: indoor covers and outdoor covers. There are some key differences between these two styles; for the best garage storage results, use an indoor cover for reassurance.

  • Indoor

    Car covers are made of a lightweight material that cradles your car in a soft cocoon. These covers are easy-to-use, so you won’t have to struggle with a heavy tarpaulin when you’re using it in a garage. They can help protect your vehicle’s clear coat from dust, which can wreak havoc on your paint job. A quality indoor car cover can also prevent scratches and dents from other inhabitants of your indoor space.
    If you’re looking for the perfect indoor protection, the black satin indoor cover has a lightweight appeal with soft satiny material that won’t scratch your car. The elasticized hem fits snugly around your car, including the tailpipe, to prevent animals and insects from crawling inside.
  • Outdoor

    An outdoor cover’s heavy material can withstand the elements, as it’s waterproof and resistant to UV light. However, breathable, well-fitting covers also protect your car from moisture damage when stored indoors. At, we offer four different covers: platinum shield, ultimate shield, deluxe shield, and basic shield. The basic shield is the only one that is specifically used for indoor storage, and it still has many key features like an antenna patch and free storage bag. However, the platinum and the ultimate shield feature a fleece liner that is gentle on paintwork and provides padding against accidental knocks and scrapes.

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Protect Your Vehicle with a Quality Car Cover

If you have invested in a beloved car or truck, you want to make sure it is protected. Garage storage is an optimal way to keep your car safe but add to that security with a high-quality car cover. has the best range of custom and semi-custom car covers available on the market. Explore our selection of premium covers online using our convenient search tool, or call us at (800) 385-3603 to get a quote for a custom cover.

January 19, 2021
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