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We Hear That A Concept Jaguar SUV May Be In The Works

Is it true? Are the rumors really true? A concept SUV by Jaguar is rumored to be in the works. The all new Jaguar C-X17 may be more than just a concept this late in the game.

A Jaguar C-X17 Concept SUV

Here's an even better look at this all new cross over vehicle.

C-X17 Concept vehicle

We love the innovation an design of this all new crossover vehicle.

Remember when Audi held the mantle for aluminum unibody construction? That monopoly couldn't last long in a world where every manufacturer is looking for ways to make the large, premium cars and trucks we in North America want while providing econobox fuel economy ratings. Jaguar's C-X17 concept will likely take the company to the forefront of this race, as it previews a mid-size premium aluminum-unibodied SUV that will bow in 2015.
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November 8, 2013
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