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11 Clever Car Hacks to Survive Winter

Written By: John Linden
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Winter is officially on it’s way and there’s no avoiding it. Some regions are expected to receive a milder-than-normal winter season while others may experience winter weather well into the spring season.

The northern plains and the eastern U.S. can plan on months of snowstorms and frigid cold temperatures, while the majority of the southern half of the nation will experience relatively milder temperatures.

There’s No Avoiding Winter Driving

Regardless of where in the U.S. you live, there’s no avoiding winter driving. Even when you work from home, you probably need to leave the house at some point. Everything from commuting to and from work, to the grocery store, or a holiday party can become dangerous under certain weather conditions.

Whether you’ll be fighting excessive storms, snow, ice, or subzero temperatures behind the wheel of your car, it’s important to be prepared to ensure the safety of yourself and your passengers. Even larger vehicles like the Ford-F150 and Jeep Wrangler aren’t completely winterproof.

Fortunately, we’ve put together plenty of clever car hacks to prepare you for the winter weather season ahead. And to be on the safe side, you may want to try an outdoor car cover or truck cover to protect your vehicle, because this winter may not be a pleasant one.

1. Apply Shaving Cream to Your Windows

Who would’ve thought that shaving cream could be used anywhere other than the restroom? It turns out that shaving cream contains many of the same ingredients that defoggers do.

To keep the fog off of your windows, put shaving cream on the inside of your windows and then wipe it off. It may sound strange, but it works!

2. Kitter Litter Keeps Your Car Dry

You heard that right—kitter litter can keep your vehicle dry! Whether you drive a Mustang or Mercedes Benz, every driver can benefit from kitty litter in their vehicle.

Simply fill a stocking with kitty litter and keep it in your vehicle overnight. It’ll absorb water and keep fog off of your windshield.

3. Bring Your Water Bottles Inside

As tempting as it may be to leave a water bottle in your vehicle for an icy cold drink, it only creates frost on the inside of your windows.

To keep frost from forming on the inside of your windows, bring water bottles and other beverages indoors and avoid leaving them in your car.

4. Give the Car Some Air

After you’ve finally warmed up and made it home, the last thing you probably want to do is spend more time in your vehicle. However, it can be helpful to open up the windows to let cold air inside before packing up and heading indoors. The moisture from your breath will be replaced with drier air, helping to keep frost off of windows.

5. Use Your Air Conditioning

We know how crazy it sounds in the midst of December, January, and February, but it works! Your air conditioning is one of the best defoggers since it helps to take humidity out of the air. Give it a try and see how it works with your Mazda, Honda, or Hyundai.

6. Socks Save the Day

In case of vehicle emergencies, drivers should always have an extra pair of socks and mittens in their glove box. But not only can socks keep your feet warm in an emergency—they can also provide additional traction on your shoes!

In the event that you need to get out of your vehicle to push your car over patches of ice, first put socks over your shoes or boots. It’ll give you the traction you need to keep you from slipping on snow or ice.

7. Socks Aren’t Just for Feet

Socks aren’t just for your feet—they’re for wiper blades, too! While they may look goofy on your Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, or Mustang, it’ll keep your windshield nice and clean, which is the main thing.

Use an extra pair of socks to cover your windshield wipers at night to keep the ice and snow off of them. You can also raise the wipers off of the windshield and cover them up for easier de-icing in the morning.

If you don’t mind the appearance of having socks on your windshield, you can even cover your windshield wipers when you park outside during the day if you know there’s a storm in the forecast.

8. Keep a Match or Lighter Handy to De-Ice Locks

To de-ice frozen locks, simply heat your car key with a match or lighter. The key will get hot very quickly, so be careful to gently push the heated key into the lock to melt the ice as you provide pressure.

9. Use a Straw to De-Ice

A drinking straw can also be used to de-ice locks. Take a straw and blow directly onto the frozen lock to melt the ice. It shouldn’t take long to melt!

10. Keep Hand Sanitizer in Your Purse or Bag

Chances are, you already have hand sanitizer within reach at all times, especially in the winter.

To de-ice door handles or locks, rub your key or door handle with a little bit of hand sanitizer. The alcohol used in the hand sanitizer will gently melt the ice, allowing you to unlock your car door.

11. Protect Your Vehicle With a Car Cover

As we mentioned earlier, you may want to start thinking about using a car or truck cover to protect your vehicle from the nasty winter weather ahead. In fact, a car cover is one of the single best things you can do for your vehicle during the winter weather season.

In addition to protecting your vehicle from snow and ice, car cover also protect your automobile from theft. They often act as an effective theft deterrent.

Quality car covers extend the life cycle of your vehicle, helping to retain much of the vehicle’s value. Plus, car covers show potential buyers that you cared for the vehicle and valued it.

Whether you drive a Mercedes Benz, Ford-F150, Jaguar, Mazda, or any other type of vehicle—a car cover is an excellent choice for protecting your vehicle all winter long. Check out our car covers for Mazda CX-5.

By incorporating these clever car hacks into your winter weather routine, you will ensure that your vehicle stays in mint condition all winter long, while also protecting you and your passengers from dangerous weather conditions.

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