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By John Linden

After finally moving out of the shadow of the Detroit Auto Show several years ago with top-of-the-line green vehicles, the LA Auto Show was determined to put on its own world class event in November. Now in a scheduling conflict with two other world renowned shows taking place in Tokyo and Guangzhou, China, LA has even more pressure to top its success. Big time event planner, Terri Toennies, was hired as general manager earlier this year to bring this show to victory. With a star studded guest list, displays from car museums, charity events, and a two day preview for the press, this is sure to be an event to remember.

Regardless of conflicting dates with the two other world renowned auto shows, the LA Auto Show is set to run November 22nd through December 1st this year. This is a show that will not disappoint as it features debuts from 9 distinct brands. With a list of confirmed presenters such as Volkswagen, Subaru, Porsche, Mini, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Ford, and Chevrolet, the rumor mill is buzzing about what they could be unveiling. Fans of German Engineering are especially anxious for the Porsche 911 cover to come off, revealing what’s new.

Many are particularly anxious to see what Porsche will be revealing. Rumor has it they could be finally debuting the Porsche Macan. Although the brand has shown pictures of this compact crossover, it has yet to be officially introduced to the public.

Speaking of crossovers…Volkswagen is expected to be showing their latest version of the CrossBlue, which made its initial debut at the Detroit Auto Show. The next-generation Golf is rumored to debut, while others remain hopeful for a redesign of the Jetta SportWagen. Find out covers for your Volkswagen Passat Wagon.

Chevy enthusiasts are taking to discussion forums to talk shop and speculate what the brand may have under cover. The current buzz is pointing to the Chevy Colorado. The mid-sized truck is not confirmed to debut, but some are even speculating the Silverado/Sierra 4.3 Eco Tec 3 V6 might even make its way under the hood.

Mini is confirmed to debut, but has not let any secrets slip thus far. Rumors suggest that we will see the next-gen Mini. The F56 Mini will keep the classic look it’s known for, but will undergo some major changes to the headlight and taillight configuration.

BMW is slated to feature 8 debuts this year. This will, no doubt, include an expansion of its i-series concept cars from last year. A family of 100 hp, 3 cylinder engines are to begin production for sale in other countries and will probably make an appearance in LA.

After much ado, Subaru will be finally preparing to pull the car covers off of the production versions of the new WRX and STI. Much to the dismay to fans of their five-door body style, the next WRX and STI will be four-door only. On the bright side, it’s expected to be around 265 horsepower from a 2.5-liter, turbocharged, flat-four engine.

The LA Auto Show has already generated a great deal of buzz and media attention. With the big event not happening until after Thanksgiving, we are sure to hear more insights and rumors about what is to be revealed. The week long auto show will actually be wrapped inside a twelve day bonanza when including the surrounding and supporting events. Toennies promised the LA Auto Show wouldn’t disappoint, and it’s shaping up to truly be a world class event.


Pictures from LA Auto Show 2012


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