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How Much Does a New Windshield Cost?

By Ryan Wegman
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How Much Does a New Windshield Cost?


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A reliable windshield is a crucial component of a safe vehicle. It prevents debris, dirt, animals, bugs, rain, and snow from flying into your car. However, a large glass pane is vulnerable to cracks and damage. Don’t park behind a school’s soccer goal area on a fall afternoon. A damaged windshield poses a significant threat. Even a minor accident can cause the windshield to detach entirely from the vehicle. If the windshield is compromised, it is more likely to smash during a collision. This is extremely dangerous for the occupants of the vehicle. If your car windshield has been damaged, replace or repair it immediately. Fortunately, most windshields are affordable and can be replaced quickly. So, exactly how much does a new windshield cost?

Determining the Cost

Depending on the vehicle’s make and model and the type of windshield you choose, the cost can vary. All cars are built differently and contain different size windshields, so there is no way to calculate the replacement cost before getting a quote for an automotive glazier. Older vehicle models are relatively easy to replace. A trained technician can simply detach the glass from the pinch-weld and lift it from the vehicle. They then clean, trim, and prepare the pinch-weld for the replacement.

Once the new windshield has been installed, the technician completes the job by tightening the windshield clips and trimming the perimeter. Standard replacements generally take around an hour to complete and usually cost somewhere between $100 and $250. Many modern vehicles contain technology, such as electronic sensors, which are more complicated to replace. Technicians may need extra time and equipment to complete the process, increasing the labor costs. These windshields also tend to be more expensive because of the technology, although the price varies between car types.

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Original Equipment Manufacturer Windshields

For certain types of vehicles—usually luxury modelsyou can only acquire windshield replacements from the official manufacturer or dealer. This type of equipment is referred to as the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). OEM windshields are virtually identical to the original glass that comes with a vehicle.

Aftermarket Windshields

Aftermarket windshields are manufactured by independent glassmakers and may have no relationship with an automotive brand. These products can be ideal replacements for original glass. However, aftermarket goods don’t necessarily adhere to the same quality standards as the OEM, meaning they’re not always the best option. OEM windshields are more expensive than aftermarket products. While certain aftermarket goods are suitable, official replacement glass is often the best option.


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Repair or Replace?

In most cases, small cracks are repairable. Minor repairs are relatively inexpensive and can usually be performed on the spot by a trained technician using a clear resin to fill in chips and cracks. Most glass repair companies have a “Repair First” policy, where a window replacement is a last resort.

If a windshield is damaged beyond repair or your repair technician determines that a repair isn’t enough to secure the window’s structural integrity, you need a replacement. Situations that require windshield replacement include:

  • Cracks larger than 3”
  • Damage close to the end of the windshield; these cracks weaken the structural integrity of the glass
  • Windshield with multiple large cracks

As a car owner, you should visit a qualified mechanic or call a windshield technician to get expert advice on when to replace or repair your windshield.

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How to Protect Your Windshield

Use a Car Cover

A high-quality car cover can protect your windshield when your vehicle isn’t in use. A parked or idle car can be damaged by weather, debris, animals, or vandals, leading to costly repairs. Choose a semi-custom or custom cover that offers ample coverage and all-weather resistance. Also, look for a cover with a soft liner to absorb the shock of flying debris, minimizing damage to your windshield and paintwork.

Take Out Insurance

Most car insurance companies offer specific windshield cover, protecting you from paying out-of-pocket if your car is damaged. Choose a policy that doesn’t let windshield claims affect policy renewals or premiums.

Regular Maintenance

A build-up of dirt, salt, and grime can cause windshield damage over time. Worn windshield wipers can also scratch or scrape the glass, leading to costly repairs. Regular maintenance, including replacing wiper blades, refilling wiper fluid, and washing your car’s exterior, ensures your windshield is kept in good condition, preventing unnecessary damage.


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Act Fast for the Best Protection

As soon as you detect a cracked or damaged windscreen, you should take action. Minor cracks are not only dangerous, but they can develop into expensive repairs quickly. For year-round protection, invest in a quality car cover. Visit today to browse our selection of custom car covers. We cater to a range of vehicles, and all our covers come with a warranty. Explore our online store or call us at 800-385-3603 to get a quote for your custom car cover.

March 15, 2021
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