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Standard vs. Luxury Car Maintenance & Repair Costs

By Ryan Wegman
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Standard vs. Luxury Car Maintenance & Repair Costs

Many Americans dream of owning a luxury car. Whether they want a fast sports car or a classic vintage vehicle fitted with the best accessories, owning a luxury car comes with some added expenses. Besides being more expensive to purchase outright, luxury cars often cost more to maintain and repair. However, some luxury cars also last longer than their standard competitors and experience slower depreciation, meaning a better resale value. Before purchasing your dream luxury car, look at these comparisons of how much it costs to maintain, repair and protect your luxury car in contrast to a similar standard car.

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Finding Parts

Depending on the luxury brand, your mechanic may struggle to find affordable parts. Often luxury brands lack cross-compatibility, so you can only purchase parts from the dealership and not a repair shop. Some luxury car brands, such as Mercedes, offer packages that help decrease maintenance costs. These packages often have a time limit; for example, the Mercedes maintenance package is only good for the first three years. After the package expires, your maintenance costs will probably increase. In contrast, many standard cars use interchangeable parts, which cost less and are easier to find.

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Fuel Costs

Many luxury cars use significantly more fuel than standard cars. For example, the Nissan Altima averages 31 miles per gallon (MPG), while its luxury counterpart, the Infiniti M56, only averages 19 MPG and requires a mix of regular and premium gas. If you have a long commute, upgrading to a luxury vehicle may cost you much more than expected. However, if you only use your luxury vehicle for quick trips or one or two long journeys a year, making the change might be worth it. Before choosing your luxury car, do your research on how many miles per gallon it averages and what type of fuel it requires.

Paying for Repairs

Some luxury brands, especially those from other countries, require specialized maintenance training. You may need to travel farther to repair your car at an authorized repair shop. Besides the travel costs and inconvenience of finding an authorized shop, the costs may be higher than your local mechanic. Some luxury cars also require more frequent repairs than standard cars. Even if each repair cost is similar, going to the repair shop more often will increase your repair budget. Some luxury cars require expensive repairs after several years of use. Depending on the brand, you may need to shell out cash for a new timing belt or other brand-specific parts, whereas, with a standard car, you might buy a new part for less money.

Insurance Costs

Your insurance costs often increase for a luxury car. Because repair costs are higher, your insurance company passes that onto you. In some areas, you’ll see an increase of 18% in your yearly insurance rates for a luxury car vs. a standard car. This increase is typical because of the high cost of replacement if your luxury car is damaged or stolen. Some companies also increase your insurance costs because of the perception that luxury car drivers speed more and fail to follow the road rules. To help lower your insurance costs, you can provide proof that you’re a safe driver through courses and driving records.


Regardless of whether you choose a luxury or standard car, you’ll lose about 10% in value the moment you drive off the lot in your new car. The average car will continue to depreciate over five years, losing about 40% of its original price. Depending on the brand, some luxury cars depreciate slower while others depreciate at a much higher rate.

If you’re planning on using your luxury car for the next fifteen years, you won’t need to consider depreciation. However, if you plan on selling your car after a few years and upgrading, consider which brands hold their value for longer. Kelley Blue Book has a useful feature that allows you to look up older cars’ depreciation rates and calculate specific luxury vehicles’ repair costs.

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Add Protection with a Car Cover

The best car covers for luxury cars can help reduce the need for maintenance and repair, lowering your overall car maintenance costs. UV damage to paint jobs can involve faded color and eventual peeling. Fixing a paint job on your luxury car is more expensive than a standard car. By using a UV-resistant car cover, you can keep your paint job impeccable for longer, reducing the need for expensive maintenance.

Both indoor and outdoor car covers can protect against scratches and dents, whether from people walking too closely in the garage or flying branches and leaves outside. A car cover can also help deter thieves by disguising your luxury car and adding an extra layer of protection.

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January 23, 2021
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