Product Spotlight: Why We Love the Platinum Shield Car Cover

Whether you have a car, truck, or luxury sports vehicle, having a car cover is essential. It can keep your car in top condition, despite the rain, hail, and sun exposure, and protect your vehicle from thieves and vandals. At, we have a range of car covers available, but one of our top options is the Platinum Shield car cover, which comes in various sizes to suit your vehicle’s make and model. Here’s a breakdown of why we love our Platinum Shield car cover and why you will too.

Platinum Shield Car Cover

The Material

The Platinum Shield car cover is entirely polyester, a durable fabric that has outperformed other industry-leading 5-layer covers. Because of the tight weave pattern, the high-quality polyester fabric keeps out water, dust, and snow while still offering optimal breathability to allow moisture to evaporate away from your car, preventing mold development. The polyester also has a urethane coating that reflects sunlight, keeping your car cooler during the day and offering an additional layer of water-resistance. Finally, the car cover’s underside has a soft fleece lining that won’t scratch your car.

Protect Your Vehicle with a Quality Car Cover

The Warranty

The Platinum Shield car cover comes with an impressive lifetime warranty, so, in the unlikely event that your car cover tears or requires a repair, can help you fix it at no cost. The limited-lifetime warranty lasts for as long as you retain ownership of the cover, and it protects against defects caused by the manufacturer, as well as a breakdown of the material.

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The Fit

The best car covers should fit like a glove. Our customers have consistently awarded the Platinum Shield car cover five stars for its precise fit. Our online search tool makes it easy to find a cover to fit your vehicle snuggly, and the elastic hem keeps the cover secure and allows for easy installation.

If your car cover is too small, areas of your car remain unprotected and could suffer scratches or dents. Exposed areas could also fade faster from sun exposure, resulting in an uneven and unsightly paint job. However, if a cover is far too large, it could blow off easily or cause a tripping hazard for people walking by.

If you want a custom car cover, you can order Covercraft covers from designed specifically to fit your car’s measurements. Customized car covers are best for unique cars, ones with significant modifications, or high-end luxury cars requiring ultimate protection.

The Protection

The Platinum Shield car cover protects from an enormous range of natural and human hazards. The reflective coating not only makes the car cover water-resistant but also protects against snow, sun, and dust.

Besides dulling your vehicle’s paint, sitting in the sun all day can cause the interior of your car to heat to an unbearable level in the summer, damaging sensitive electrical components. A cover keeps your car shaded, reducing the heat and making it more comfortable to drive.

Our Platinum Shield car cover is also breathable, which is essential for the longevity of the paint. If it’s raining when you put on your car cover, trapped moisture can cause corrosion, especially if it cannot evaporate after a few days. A breathable car cover means that moisture won’t stay trapped, and it can quickly evaporate, leaving your car dry underneath the cover faster.

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The Freebies

One of our Platinum Shield car cover’s best aspects is the freebies that come along with it. When you purchase your car cover, you also receive an accompanying storage bag, cable and lock, and antenna patch.

Having a storage bag for your car cover means you can protect your cover even when it’s not in use. Keep the storage bag in your trunk, and fold your cover into it before driving to work or heading to the store. If you’re heading off on vacation, the storage bag can also keep your cover safe from tears from suitcase wheels.

If you park outside, having a cable and lock increases your protection. Adding an extra layer of security deters thieves, who often target an uncovered vehicle as it is easier to steal. Once they see your cable and lock, they are more likely to move on to a less-protected car, leaving yours alone. We also deliver our car covers with free shipping within the U.S., accompanied by a cover-fit guarantee. In some areas, you can receive your cover in as little as two days.

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Whether you park indoors or outside, having a car cover can protect your paint job, deter thieves, and save you money on repairs. Some insurance companies even offer a discount if you use a car cover when parking outside.

At, we have a wide range of car covers available for cars, trucks, scooters, motorcycles, and more. Whatever vehicle you need to protect, we have a cover for you.