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Tips on How to Clean Car Floor Mats

By Ryan Wegman
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Tips on How to Clean Car Floor Mats

Keeping cars clean can be challenging. Whether you park inside or outdoors, you’ll have muddy feet and dirty hands leaving a mess. Although floor mats can help protect the inside of your car, you need to clean them regularly. A premium floor mat does more than protect your car interior from stains. At, our floor mats prevent slippage, provide a soft place to rest your feet while driving, and they are waterproof. To keep your car spotless, also invest in a car cover and regularly detail the inside and outside of your car. How to clean car floor mats depends on the material of the mat and the type of stains. Here are some tips on how to keep your premium floor mat from sparking clean.

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How to Clean Car Floor Mats

All you need to do for dirt and crumbs is remove your floor mats from the car and shake them off outside. Whether your kids dropped some cookies or your dog went for a dive in a pile of leaves, this method removes most of the debris. If some residue remains, use a small hand-held vacuum cleaner or standard vacuum with a soft-bristle attachment to remove dirt from the nooks and crannies. For mud stuck to the mat, you can wipe gently with a microfiber cloth. If there are stains or hard-to-remove bits of debris, use a wet microfiber cloth and a gentle soap or cleaning detergent. Once cleaned, let the mats air dry before replacing them in your car. This prevents mold and mildew from developing.


Benefits of Having a Platinum Shield Floor Mat from

  • Eco-Leather

    Although there are many car floor mats available in rubber and fabric, eco-leather is a more durable and attractive option. Unlike fabric and rubber, eco-leather coordinates with any car’s interior, from a family minivan to a luxury sports car. Besides being durable, eco-leather won’t absorb stains, water, or mud and resists scratches better than fabric. Unlike genuine leather, this synthetic material does not require special cleaning supplies or fabric conditioners.

  • Waterproof

    A waterproof material means you won’t need to worry about getting spills out of the material. Simply keep a microfiber cloth in your glove compartment and wipe up the spill with ease.

  • Diamond Design

    A specially formulated diamond design increases scratch-resistance and makes it easier to wipe up spills. It also helps to contain any messes, making it less likely that dirt spreads all over the car.

  • Door to Door Protection

    Our Platinum Shield Floor Mat covers 90% of your car floor, ensuring that almost the whole of your car floor stays clean. The floor mat also protects the side walls of your car because of the innovative design, making it easier to keep your car interior clean.

  • Non-Slip

    Having a secure footing while driving is important. With our floor mat, you’ll have a traction pad designed to be non-slip below your feet, ensuring you never lose your footing. Even if your shoes are wet and slippery, you can keep your feet in one place. The material is not only non-slip but also covers a memory-foam core, making your footrest comfortable.

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Add More Protection with a Car Cover

To keep the outside of your car as clean as the inside, always use a car cover. The best car covers offer protection against weather, including rain, sleet, and sun; look sleek; and discourage thieves. A car cover can help keep your car dust-free and protect against any scrapes and dents if you park inside. For those who don’t drive their car often, an indoor satin car cover will serve you best because of the soft, lightweight material.

For people who commute regularly and park outside, a car cover can offer many benefits. If you often park in the sun, a UV-resistant car cover can protect your paint job from fading and keep the inside cooler for your drive home. For regular commuters who live in a wet and windy area, car covers can protect from scratches caused by falling branches and sleet or hail. A car cover can also act as a deterrent to would-be thieves, making your car look less inviting. Our car covers are challenging for a thief to infiltrate because of the snug fit and anchoring straps.

Protect Your Car With A Quality Car Cover

Keep Your Car Safe with a Car Cover and Floor Mat

For impeccable protection, invest in a premium car cover and car floor mat. A car cover can keep the outside of your car safe from weather, theft, and damage from other cars, while floor mats ensure the inside of your car stays as pristine as the outside.

Visit to find the best car cover for your vehicle. Whether you park inside, outside, have a long commute, or need extensive weather protection, we have the perfect car cover for you. If you can’t find something that meets all your needs, we offer customized car covers designed especially for your vehicle. Our floor mats are all premium, customized products that match the inside of your car perfectly.

Whichever product you choose, you can benefit from our free shipping and 5-year warranty, so you can rest easy knowing our car covers are built to last.

January 25, 2021
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