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Tips on Shopping for a Jeep Cover

By Ryan Wegman
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Tips on Shopping for a Jeep Cover


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Jeeps are fantastic vehicles for going off the beaten path, especially if you’re bringing the whole family with you. Their removable tops make it even easier to enjoy the open air when the weather allows it. Even though Jeeps are built to be tough, you need to keep dirt, snow, and water from sitting on it for too long. You can protect your Jeep’s resale value and keep it free of rust by keeping it adequately protected from the elements. Car covers vary massively in type and quality, so it’s essential to know what to look for. Here are the four key aspects to consider when shopping for a Jeep cover.

Choose Between Semi-Custom and Custom Fit

Jeeps are especially tricky to get a good cover for because of their enormous size and boxy shape. A regular SUV car cover is excellent for a car with a rounder silhouette, but Jeeps’ tight corners mean their covers have special engineering needs. Universal car covers are usually tailored to fit a specific category of car like SUVs or compacts. This means they’ll be larger than necessary on most cars in order to fit on the widest range of vehicles possible. The resulting gaps allow water to accumulate or can even provide a hiding place for bugs or rodents.

A custom fit cover provides the best fit and protection for your Jeep, especially if your vehicle has add-ons like a cargo rack or grille guard. The cover will fit your vehicle snugly, like a glove, and be made to precise measurements. A semi-custom cover is less expensive than a custom fit cover but is still sized to fit your exact year, make, and model. This gives you an excellent fit on a vast range of Jeep models while allowing you to stay within your budget.

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Buy the Right Materials

Your Jeep cover needs will vary depending on where you’re parking your car. Outdoor-only covers prioritize water resistance, while indoor-only covers prioritize softness so you can maximize scratch resistance. has indoor/outdoor covers with water-resistant and strong exterior layers and soft fleece lining. This gives you protection from the elements while avoiding the subtle scratching that can occur when pulling an unlined cover on and off your Jeep. It also gives you extra protection if someone or something bumps into your vehicle while it’s parked.

Water-resistant covers are a better choice for cars than waterproof covers. This is because waterproof covers can trap moisture, especially dew, against the surface of the car. Having moisture trapped in place can accelerate rusting and damage to the paint, so it’s essential to get a car cover that achieves the right level of breathability.

Consider a Cable

Although well-engineered custom or semi-custom car covers tend to stay in place, it’s possible for sustained high winds to pull them off if they blow at just the right angle. Not only does this expose your car to the elements, but the car cover could blow away and never be seen again. A gust strap wind protector helps keep your cover in place when the wind picks up. You can also get a locking cover that helps deter theft and vandalism by keeping the cover securely in place. Having a Jeep cover with grommets helps you attach a cable more securely. At, we give you the option to add grommets that are built-in to the cover itself. This is much more secure than trying to add grommets later.

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Look for Weather Ratings

Even among outdoor covers, different covers provide different levels of protection. Some are engineered and tested for high levels of resistance to snow and ice, while others provide more basic protection against UV rays, dirt, and grime. Your exact needs will vary depending on where you live and park your car. If you live in a warm climate, you might not need the maximum level of protection from snow and ice. However, you should still upgrade your cover as much as possible if your area experiences severe weather like hurricanes, especially if you can’t move your car inside during these events.


Anyone can sew some plastic sheets together and call it a car cover, but it takes a specialized provider to know what makes a stellar Jeep cover. has a full range of Jeep, SUV, Hummer, and RV covers to keep all your large vehicles protected. Contact our dedicated and knowledgeable customer service staff with any questions about our products.

April 27, 2021
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