What's the Difference between Waterproof Car Covers and Water Repellant

What's the Difference between Waterproof Car Covers and Water Repellant Car Covers?

Written By John Linden

Looking for a car cover to deal with the ever-changing weather conditions, from rainy days to harsh UV rays?

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to deal with streaky water stains on a freshly washed car that’s been left out in the rain or snow. Direct sunlight can also lead to the vivid colour of your paint job fading over time.

The good news? A strong and durable car cover can help prevent these issues and keep your car in great condition.

The question is, what do you look for as you search for the right car cover for your car? Obviously, you want the highest levels of protection for your vehicle so durability is key. There are also two terms you’ll keep coming across as you search for car covers - waterproof and water repellent. We all want a cover that keeps our car completely dry and protected from the elements. So which one is the better choice?

Let's take a closer look at the key difference between the two in a little more detail:

Waterproof Car Covers

Waterproof covers will protect your car from any rainwater, but they won’t be able to protect it from dew. Dew evaporates upwards and it can go underneath your cover from the ground up. If you have a waterproof cover on your car, it’ll only serve to trap dew inside it.

Water Repellent Car Covers

Water repellent car covers are more breathable than waterproof covers, which tend to be made of a thicker material. If any water (even dew) does seep in, the breathable cover will mean that it simply evaporates.

The downside? Water repellent car covers tend to be thinner and may not be as effective at keeping every drop of water from reaching your car. Luckily, the highly breathable nature does mean that any water that leaks through will evaporate more quickly.

Ultimately, we’d recommend water repellent car covers over water proof covers. The breathable material is more likely to keep water away, preventing rust formation and paint damage.

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